Messaging accounts

I think most of us at any given time have been messaged by new accounts who “want to get to know you,” or “would like to chat.” If you haven’t been subjected to this, consider yourself lucky.

I get these accounts spamming me 2-3x a week. Mostly new accounts, all appear to be male (although I’m sure the male members get female spam accounts bothering them).

These accounts are almost always brand new, no reading history and mostly follow the opposite sex only. They also appear to know nothing about Wattpad. They also pretend to be widowers, military, government officials, etc. I can only assume they steal profile pictures from real people and use them as their own.

But today tops it. The scammer/bot account has children splashed over his background image. I presume someone else’s children. And to me, that’s gone too far. I will report him. He is currently telling me to chat with him in Hangout. So he is a scammer.

So my question is this: Is there a way to disable messages? Or vet these new accounts? Prevent them from messaging people?

I appreciate your efforts. I found something else interesting as well. If you are clearly male, you get a different invite. I had a spammer that was inviting me to see pics of her. The PM even hit on me. Don’t get cat-fished.

All we’ve really been told to do is report and mute and block. Of course, after that, I get an email saying that the “tickets” for wattpad don’t work but am not sure of that happens for everyone else

I assumed men were being targeted as well.

I certainly NEVER fall for it. But I hate that there are a lot of young women (under 18) who could be taken in by this.

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I report all of them. One even told me to go to hell. His account is still active.

So far, the only fix I’ve found is to not appear female in my profile picture. Which really shouldn’t be necessary but here we are :confused:

I know. It shouldn’t be necessary. But you can’t even have a male profile picture either. Then the spammy female bots come out. I swear, my profile picture should be a celery stalk or an apple. Maybe an orange dot or a chair.

But we shouldn’t have to do that.

So far, hair that looks like a depressed frog does the trick :joy:

But yeah, the “hi boys/girls” are annoying as hell. And the worst part is, from my experience, the girl bots go after younger men. The boy bots go after women over 40. Especially if they mention they’re mothers. Like what kind of shitty scam is this.

I’ve had those before. Including asking where I live. The only thing I think we can really do is report and mute the accounts as soon as it gets suspicious. Thankfully (from my experience) support tends to get on the case fairly quickly.

Some did same to me too. He was like you are 18 right?
And I was like ignores
Again a message.
shut the fuck up! I am busy.
you are a bitch! I was trying to make friends here. Totally unsupportive.
I mean WTF! I reported the user and mute the account.

Did you just call me old? Lol! :scream:

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Hahahah no! I definitely did not! But the bots definitely have a type. :joy:

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One way to look at the conversation. :joy:

Yeah, I only get the ones with elderly guy profile pictures messaging me :see_no_evil:

And you’re not close to being 40! What are they doing. :roll_eyes:

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Getting a tad desperate; rejections overloading their systems. Can’t imagine why that would be… :thinking:

Don’t you mean bot are they doing?

What’s with all this 40s talk? I better go do some serious airbrushing. :running_woman:

Most of the ones who harass me are older too. Although I also get some in their 20s. Always good-looking (obviously stolen photos) and many times they are military guys. I suppose all women are supposed to be seduced by a guy in a uniform? :unamused:

You need to go to bed now.

Hahaha no no, it’s just based on internet research. Most likely to be scammed online are men between 18 and 35 - and women over 40. :joy:

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That’s really interesting. Younger men and older women. Not me, of course. I am very young. Super young. Really, really young. :wink:

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