Microfiction Anthology (PAYMENT INCLUDED) ~ 10 minutes reading time in total


I’ve just finished writing a Sci-Fi/Horror/Humor collection of mostly minute-long-reads. There are only 8 stories in total. It will take approximately 10 minutes to read the whole book.

I am looking for beta readers who are willing to leave their feedback in the book. The review(s) do(es)n’t have to be long.

I just want to know:

  • Do you like the stories?
  • Do you get the meanings?
  • Do you think the summary is suitable?
  • Why?

This is the book: https://www.wattpad.com/story/179543369-a-hundred-words-are-worth-a-picture

Feel free to comment in the book.


  • Earn a permanent place in the “Acknowledgements” of the book.
  • Earn a permanent follow.
  • Have 4 chapters of your choice read. (No erotica, please. The book(s) shouldn’t support negativity (e.g. racism).) I choose 4 chapters because my stories are extremely shorts (most are around 100 words and the other is under 1K). Plus, you get all the other rewards :slight_smile: <— OFFER VALID UNTIL JUNE 1st at 11:59PM Eastern Time (Sorry, life is taking a toll on me.) Comment or inbox me before the end date.
  • Earn a shout-out along with the work(s) I’ll read.


P.S. Since I’m busy, I’ll be giving the rewards during weekends. Thanks for your understanding!


I can do this. You willing to check out my poetry?

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I went to take a look but stopped after the first five chapters were pictures and information like a ToC, which WP already has built into its interface or a copyright page?

I hit the video ad before even getting to any content.


Sure, as long as it fits the criteria above (no erotica etc.).

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The first page is a disclaimer.
The two ensuing pages are the covers.
The ensuing chapter is the Table of Contents, but if you’ve read the summary, you’ll know it’s important to the collection.
The rest is the ‘actual work’.
Feel free to skip anything before :slight_smile: but I strongly recommend reading the ToC.


I mean, I’m already set to read the book (and started) so if you want I’ll give you an honest review of the book, both positive and negatives for the book as a whole and each chapter (no payment needed though, hopefully obviously.) Just tell me if you want that and I’ll do that right away! :slight_smile:

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That would be great! I appreciate your honesty and sincerity, but I’ll definitely pay you back for your kindness :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about it! I’m not really in it for the money. I just like helping people improve their writing or further understand what their book may mean to other people (like myself) or others’ opinions. (Also, SUPER love your book so far, just got to Androids <3 )

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Aww, many thanks then. You’re such a kind human being. I’ve just listed your name in my acknowledgments and I’ll give you a shout-out along with the other beta readers. Hope to see you around often!

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I dont consider those important to be honest. There’s already the cover and table of contents on the work page, copyright pages don’t change the copyright terms of use of your country or wattpad, and it adds chapters to that ad counter that interrupts reading.

If you feel that the copyright and toc are crucial, keep those and move the images to the end.


Yeah, good idea. I’ll move the covers to the end.

I just realized that maybe my ToC wasn’t that clear, so I added a small blurb explaining its importance.

Thanks for the tips!


Np. It would be less of an issue but the ad is 15s minimum after it finishes loading. That can be enough to click away if I havent gotten to actual content yet

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Yes. I haven’t thought much about it, but now that you mentioned, you’re right!


My degree is in interactive media, sometimes I can’t turn that part of my brain off :sweat_smile:

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My feedback to you is in your inbox and my review will be there soon too. Really enjoying reading your book! :slight_smile: :heart: :heart_eyes:

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OMG thank you for the thorough reviews! I think some of them are longer than the actual stories :joy: You’re such a great reviewer. Your feedback is insightful.


It’s poetry. Duh.

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IMPORTANT REMINDER: As I’ve mentioned, you’ll be rewarded AFTER you have read the whole book and leave a comment here or inbox me about your completion.

Thank you!


Hey! Thanks for all these amazing reviews. Could you provide a link to your poetry book?

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Guys, please provide the link to your story. Thanks!