I suffer for migraine attacks on and off. It has been like this for the past 5 years. Anyone else with the same problem? What do you do to calm yourself down in such situations? Medicines don’t help much…

It could be a parasite…I’ve watched too many episodes of Monsters Inside Me

No. Gratefully, It’s nothing because of a parasite :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh okay, hmm a warm shower or bath?

It relaxes the muscles but the pain in my head remains the same.

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Tried some advil?

Hopefully some of these will help?

I’ve been to the doctor.
But as I said, medicines don’t help much.
Every person has their own specific triggers of migraine. I wanted to know how they deal with it in their unique way… whether it could be of any help to me.

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You’re very sweet :heart:

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Thank you for being so kind :two_hearts:

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I get headaches from time to time, but have no experience with migraines. Do you drink a lot of caffeine? That’s sometimes a trigger or staring at a device screen for too long.


No. I don’t…
It usually happens when I don’t sleep much or have some kind of emotional disturbance…
And sometimes It just happens out of nowhere…

What do you do for your own headaches?

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My migraine attacks are treatable most of the times. However, there are times when it gets out of hands and frl i can’t focus or do anything with my head spinning and throbbing like that. So, I sleep for two hours, mostly somewhere there is no light. I drink alot of water and do not skip meals (cause I skip alot of meals).

Sometimes taking a shower helps me alot. Other times drinking coffee reduces the pain. Idk but I heard that some stuff found in chocolate products cause migraines. I hope that’s helpful.

I’ve gotten migraines since I’m 15 years old. I’m 42 now. I get visual auras with them, which are extremely annoying.

They are often related to my hormonal cycle - usually happen the most during the week before my period.

I do take Ibuprofen to take the edge off. I drink water and caffeine.

Rest in a cool, dark room.

And peppermint always helps me. I always keep peppermint gum with me. Peppermint oil is nice to use on wrists and temples too.

Hope that helps. Feel better!

I drink lemonade with a bit of honey.

Go to bed, close the curtains, and put on some heavy metal at an almost subliminal volume. For some reason the low, bass beat calms my migraines.

I take some advil, that usually makes em go away for me anyways.

I suffer from migraines. I take a daily preventative (Venlafaxine), plus magnesium, riboflavin, COQ-10, and PEA. Sumatriptan as abortive when I feel them start. Also Botox injections every 3 months and trigger point Lidocaine injections every few weeks.

I used to think you can manage migraines just by, I dunno, hydration and dark room rest. I know better now.