Million Dollar Question - How best to grow readership?



Hi everyone!

So… it’s the age-old question for Wattpad newbies to ask, I’m sure, but what did you find was the best way to grow your genuine readership? I’m trying to be as active as I can when it comes to forums, reading other people’s work and chatting to other writers, but wondering if there’s more you can do to help boost your reader numbers?

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There’s this thread:

And that’s all I know.

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@AWFrasier Oh wow, yes - definitely looks helpful! Thank you :smiley:


Organically is the best way.

I have gotten to know my readers, I am invested in them and they are invested in me. Readers are giving your story a chance to be read. They are giving you their time and I treat them with the importance they deserve.

There are millions of free stories on Wattpad that they can read, but they have chosen yours. If you remember how special that is then you will grow your readership because you have respect for the ones that are giving you a chance.

I reply back to my comments as much as I can. I don’t go off on someone who doesn’t like the story. That’s their right as a reader not to like something. Just be yourself and people love that. Readers are making a connection with what you write and you have an opportunity to make a connection with them. It’s an amazing process and good luck.


@Whiskeyqueenn Definitely agree - the feeling of those first few readers commenting and voting on something I’ve created has been amazing :slight_smile: Early adopters that have stayed with you all the way definitely deserve your respect, so good on you for continuing to give it to them x


You’re very welcome :smile:


@Whiskeyqueenn Well said. My sentiments entirely.

@lut212 It does take time and some projects can be more popular than others. I also find competitions like #opennovellacontest2019 are also good. Even if you don’t win, you get a chance to promote your account on official profiles and generally meet others through the contest.


@maryfahey Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: x


I feel like I didn’t get a real boost in reads/readers/votes until after my first novel was marked as complete. There are plenty of readers out there who do not want to read a partial book. They don’t want to wait for updates, they don’t want to risk the author giving up on the project, or they simply want to know that the author has committed to an entire story before they start. Whatever the reason, I did get a ton more attention after I had something ‘complete’.


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@sabrinablackburry Yeah I suppose that makes a lot of sense and I can see why people would rather read a complete story… best get knuckled down to complete my first book then!