name is currently a work in progress

A mind is lonely without a thought, and when a thought comes, will it stay? This is the story about a mind and a thought.

It is written in haikus (more or less), and the plot is really simple; there’s Mind in it’s empty world but then Thought comes and then leaves. Later on, Thought keeps on visiting and Mind ends up getting a purpose.

The genre is poetry and I’m not sure about the target audience. There will be a lot of chapters but each chapter is extremely short and I’m trying to keep it at 13 words per chapter.

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I can’t really help with poetry or something with a heavy artistic aim like this, since it’s largely an expression of yourself and of concept in a somewhat abstract sense/format. You can be creative and pursue it however you like, though you would need to work with someone more familiar with the rules of poetry if you wanted to avoid crossing any conventions


Alright, thanks

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