Mini EBG in Safe Mode (Now this is just a chat thread)


Only if you add a leash to the equation xD
Just kidding xD


Ugh, I hate the word “Mong.” It’s a slur against people with Down syndrome, and being heavily involved with the special-needs community, that disgusts me.


I can confirm that it’s one of those words in the UK that gets thrown around regardless and no one really cares.

Same with calling anyone and everyone a nonce. That’s pretty good. x’D


I can confirm that “mong” is one of three words that will get you thrown out of the special ed room at my school. But I live in the USA.


WillNE and the Memeulous crew really like to ‘nonce’ everyone.


Lmaoo the UK really doesn’t care about using discriminatory words. It’s class. They really lose their meanings here.



Hey, you can’t beat Romanian swears. We can literally add any word to the phrase: “Fuck your mother’s…” and it’s a new thing.

Also, the way we use conditionals in short form really adds to the musicality of it. *I know because I was ‘complimented’ on the way I curse. *


Retard and spastic were also really common until a few years ago. Huh, wonder why they stopped. Dx


Because of this new thing called “B. G. MEDIA” and the entire subgenre of ‘grime’

Chavs deemed them too mild.


Lel okai.


wonders if Terry ever gets tired of liking things


I have most likes given on the entirety of the wattpad forums


Whatchu gonna do when someone takes that crown from you?


I can take it back easily.




Do you doubt my power?


yes, yes I do ^-^


Who’s on your “Most Liked by” list

at the very top


Wouldn’t know if don’t check things like that xD


@Lord_Killen_King look what I gooooooot \ (^-^) /