Mini EBG in Safe Mode (Now this is just a chat thread)


Also these tree puns in the backlog, lmao.

Idk if mine are that good, maybe I should just make like a tree and leaf.


Yeah it seems all fine, conflict is avoided, and things calmed down instantly. xD


Indeed. XD


I got out of school early today. Hello!




I think I listened to the trees. It’s getting sappy despite my best efforts.


Blood spilled down his cheeks like tears, first from his eyes, then his nostrils, then his lips. Within seconds, his whole face was awash with red. He stumbled and slipped repeatedly, as if going through the steps of some macabre dance.

This, however, is giving me serious shivers.


My mind is getting darker. I’ve been reading too much Stephen King lately.




Good? Haha! Damn it, I want to stop being such a monster when I write.


Embrace your inner monster.





That excerpt of your writing is really good! o_o


Ahh, the innocence in that extract.


Thanks! Still chills me a little.




Yes. It’s quite tame, in my humble opinion.


It’s pretty tame for me too, actually. Doesn’t make it any less weird for me. It’s exceptionally weird because I’ve had sinus hemorrhages that made me bleed from literally everywhere, just like in that excerpt.


Never heard the slur “Mong” before. Thats new to me. I know there’s Hmong people, but thats all i know