Mini EBG in Safe Mode (Now this is just a chat thread)




We’re in a heat wave here. Supposed to get to 64 degrees tomorrow in March…


I got dismissed from school early today because of the godawful thunderstorms that are about to hammer us and make it impossible to drive.


Nice. I’m eating lunch in the science wing… as always.


I eat in the special ed room with my teacher pals and my best friend. Also with whoever wanders in.


That’s because it’s dated UK slang. .-.


I eat at McDonald’s.

Or don’t.

8-16 days are amazing.


I go to a college in the middle of nowhere so McDonalds is a luxury.


My er… quirks arn’t enough to get me into the special ed room. Just to have a 504 plan and have everyone in English hate me.


But you eat at McDonald’s pretty often.
You live the life of kings, where all meals may contain Mozzarella sticks.


That’s because I constantly skip. And hey, it’s expensive.


But it’s delicious.
And Fodder bad, no skipping classes.


It’s hard to gooo.


I knooow, but it’s impooortant.
I hate listening to Communist Tesla wanna-be rambling about the ‘good times’ at 8 AM in the morning, but he checks attendance for a passing grade ; u ;


I’m only in there part-time, mostly to help with developmental delays and improve social/life skills. I also work as a tutor for other special ed students, because they find me less intimidating than a teacher.


Yeah, I can see that. (;


That’s why you should come here. <3


I’ve stress-eaten about a quarter of a paper, Fodder…
Happier thoughts for the night


Right now I tutor a boy who can barely speak but would do math problems for the rest of eternity if I let him, and a girl who survived a two-month coma and gives me the honor of being her favorite “teacher.”