MINIMALIST | 2020 simple graphics design contest | sign up now !!!


❝ Contestant A pulled out his blender, dumped some frozen strawberries and bananas in, then began filming as it ground the fruits to mush. After all, the graphics contest on wattpad had asked for a blend. ❞

Can’t manip? Don’t know how to use brushes? Can’t paint the hair on the model from scratch? Or worst of all, too broke to buy Photoshop or understand the world of PSDs?

Don’t worry, there are enough competitions for that. Here, we’re going back to the basics of decent fonts and aesthetic photographs.

Welcome to MINIMALIST - a design competition for simple graphics.

[ if you are interested, do sign up asap as I hope to start this contest soon uwu ]


Hey there! I’m interested in this competition. Let me know if you get any more interest!

Where is the signup form, rules, etc? You should make this more official.