minority writers unite!!

i’ve seen a couple threads about different groups of writers, but i wanted a place for everyone who isn’t your typical straight cis white dude to come together and relate (also i couldn’t decide between a thread for disabled people or non binary people so i thought i’d find a way to do both).

anyways, tell me about your stories!! tell me about what you wanna see in media!! or maybe what you’re tired of seeing!!

for me, i wanna see more people with fibromyalgia in media, so i’m writing it into my story myself lol. i’m kinda tired of non binary people being written as stereotypical, androgynous, and referred to as ‘girl enough’ or ‘boy enough.’ also, all of them seem to be afab. good omens is a good example of the kind of non binary we need to see more of, because people seem to think that there’s only one way to be non binary. the other main character of my story is a non binary prince, who is fine with male labels and pronouns but doesn’t want to be called a man or a boy or “son” or “brother.” he also has long hair and prefers dresses because they feel more free.

Being a double minority, LGBT & Asian, I would like to see more LGBT stories that aren’t focused on a pair of white males. There’s such a limited selection out there in the LGBT genre as it is and it would be nice seeing a few that focused on people that come from “ethnic” backgrounds as a lot of Asian and Hispanic cultures tend to have a lot of prejudices against the LGBT community.


Someone show me a demisexual and show me more interracial relationships in the lgbtq+ community


I’m a biromantic ace (questioning gender labels) girl who is also mentally disabled as well as semi-physically disabled and I would love to see more asexual characters written well. I would also like to see more characters struggling with anxiety

I’m currently writing a lot of diverse characters that doesn’t really revolve around the diverse things, it’s just a part of who they are.


I wrote a demi-sexual protagonist, but it is a sci-fi with multiple parents contributing to the MCs genetically make-up & the counterpart is bred, not born, though identifies as pan-asian type, so YMMV… I dunno. I feel that people search for more in real world books when they talk about identities, so it’s harder to talk fantasy and sci-fi


I have a story with an interracial relationship where both characters are demisexual (opposite sex relationship tho).

Also hi, asexual woman with mental health problems here xD


I could actually recommend a title the features an Asian LGBT MC. The main character of Roommates by @CCKens is Korean and she falls in love with her blonde-haired, blue-eyed roommate. It’s a really cute story. One of my favorite lesbian romances on Wattpad.


Ace-Panrom Non-binary She/her- or They here!

I want to see more asexual representation in adult media bc “sex sells” is a little outdated :v:

My story is a fantasy-romance-satire about an asexual woman who gets forced into your typical fantasy romance and tries to escape via murderous siren who’s songs can’t effect her- bc asexual :slight_smile:
I wanted a proper- or at least in my eyes- representation of a platonic love romance story.


I write Michael Jackson fanfiction, but now I want to write more collabs and branch out into the #genre-clubs:humor category.

In media. I’m so tired of seeing oppressive movies like “Harriet” and “When They See Us”. :roll_eyes: Let’s get some films that aren’t always focused on our pain. Like, a day in the life. A scifi. A non-vulgar comedy that doesn’t milk stereotypes dry. Just something without racism. We live through it enough everyday.

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As an asexual woman of colour, I don’t necessarily care for the race representation and it doesn’t bother me not seeing many west Asian MCs in books because I care more about me connecting with their personality than just a skin colour or a culture. However when it comes to sexuality, I really wish we could implement more asexuality in the romance genre because most people can’t see how you can be romantically involved with someone without having sex and not be interested in it.

Of course, we should write about what we preach and that’s why I always encourage the ace community to include our sexuality (or the lack of sexuality) in their art. I think I’ll like it more if it comes from an author from my own community rather than someone who doesn’t know how it feels being ace.


As a bisexual, agender person who lives with mental illness, I think it would be pretty great to see those things in media without all the stereotypes and stigmas.

A lot of how we see mental illness portrayed in media feeds into harmful stigmas (that we are violent, or can’t think for ourselves, or can’t be grounded in reality), that have real life impact. I personally think it would be amazing to see mental illness portrayed in an accurate light, with real experience instead of stigma and I think it could be beneficial to have it written that way. Thankfully, while they are few and far between there are some examples (PTSD in Iron Man 2 comes to mind), so there’s some hope for future works. I’m personally trying to make some of those future works myself, although I feel I can only write what I have experienced, which is not the same for everyone.

As for gender and sexuality, I would like to see some more portrayals that don’t fall back on stereotypes and misconceptions. I for one, am pretty tired of bisexuals being portrayed with the whole ‘I don’t like labels’ thing, because it’s a stereotype but also because with how quick people are to erase the existence of bisexuals, openly labeling them in media is important. I also don’t really like how only binary genders (M-F) are presented in media. I think we need more examples of gender fluidity, non-binary identities, and even a lack of gender. There aren’t too many portrayals of this in most media, but I think it would be nice to see. Personally, I would like to see more representation like we see in Good Omens, where Crowley and Aziraphale present really well as non-binary characters in a non-straight relationship (either platonic or romantic, it can work either way), or even what we see with Klaus in The Umbrella Academy, where he is completely free to dress and act in a very non-binary way and have a same-sex relationship without it feeling out of place, or being discussed in a uncomfortable way by other characters. Once again, I’m personally trying to write stories like this, but I can only write my own experiences with complete certainty.


man the whole idea that “sex sells” has turned me away from so many shows. i’m asexual too, and the overwhelming amount of sexual media drives me crazy. there’s so much unnecessary sex and it makes me want to rip out my hair lol. in my book, one of the main couples is entirely asexual, partially because one of them literally doesn’t have genitals and partially because the other one just isn’t interested in sex. i totally agree with y’all on the asexual representation thing. and we need to label it!!! raphael from shadowhunters was decent rep but i wanna hear people say the word. maybe it’ll help us get a little more respect lol.


man good omens and tua were so great :weary::weary: i totally agree with the mental illness bit. a lot of it is displayed as how people think it’s “supposed” to be, but i rarely see it accurately. iron man 2 was definitely one of the only times i really felt seen as a mentally ill person in media, and off the top of my head, i can’t think of another thing.

as far as bisexuality, i’m pan but i identify as bi in some cases lol, so i have a pretty decent understanding i think lol. but yeah, the only show or movie i’ve ever seen where the character says “i’m bisexual” is rosa in brooklyn nine-nine. that whole “i don’t like labels waa” trope is tired. maybe some of us like our labels??? cuz it’s part of who we are??? just a thought???

and yeah, i’m agender too and i’ve yet to see anything other than good omens where the characters are genderless. i only ever see stories revolving around male and female, with the occasional side character that “feels like something else.” i wanna see someone who doesn’t have a gender???

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im non binary and I pretty much only write lgbt+ characters

honestly same

I would like to see more asexual characters in media. But at the same time, I don’t write about them which I know I should be doing.

I’d like to see more Latina protagonists, especially in horror. I plan to write a Western soon that will have a Latina as the MC.


I’m like totally fine with sex in media when it has a freaking purpose and isn’t just there to be there and sell more tickets. When things are driven by sex and nothing else it just loses me because it baffles me that people’s lives can be controlled by something so… well… unimportant, really. :woman_shrugging:
When I see bad relationships only driven by lust it makes me NUTS.


But doesn’t this transfer to race too, though? I don’t know, even if one prioritises certain representation over another in character, I feel like it’s hard to separate that intersectionality. Like, there is culture attached to queer rep too, some of it very specific.

I honestly thought I was the only one who felt this way.

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I wanna say thanks for starting this thread! I’m a straight Asian, so while I’m not necessarily in an underrepresented minority on Wattpad (I think), it’s good to find a place like this! I’ve wanted to write something lgbtq+ for a while since I want to grow as a writer but also want to be a good ally to the community, but I don’t want to write it with the wrong perspective or even unintentionally impose my lived experience on the story.

Is there anyone on this thread who’s brains I could pick for my story?