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^ pure image threads

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^ premade threads

^ character cards

^ book mockups

^ fake instagrams [mobile & desktop]

^ picspams [image & gif]

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extra info

01. all layouts for character cards, book mockups, & moodboards are located here

02. the graphics I make change often so please be sure to check the list before you request

03. if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

04. I do not make covers

05. want to use a thread I made you in the past but can’t now? due to the new forums, I am offering to re-code any threads I have made in the past for people free of charge so that they work on the new forums. I will not be re-coding threads made by other designers!

06. all premade threads may look a bit different if you request one as they will need to be recoded to work with the new forums

07. please do not edit my graphics, it’s rude

08. if I’m not offering a graphic here, I may be offering it in one of the shops on my graphic profile @brekker so be sure to check there

09. for the forms, be sure to use CRTL (command) + SHIFT + V to ensure the coding is pasted correctly

10. please do not request a whole year of calendars at once

11. sometimes I may not go in the order of the queue. sorry!

12. please link back for threads!

13. I have a book on my profile with premades in it


blood on your roses // @CarKann // 10.23 // 11.09

cheddar // @newsies // 11.09 // 11.19

sipping that tea // @viciouscupcake & extra codes by @newsies // 11.19 // 11.30

mintha // @newsies // 11.30 // -



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text*; Main Text says the Book Title “The Darkening Seduction” (https://www.dafont.com/vtks-bandoleones.font this font maybe?) and subtext is this quote “I promise myself to The Black Order. To aid and protect. To fight until my last dying breath. To serve the world, and prevent the coming of the darkness” (something lighter and more elegant and lose)

ideas; Gothic castle behind, rolling fog, ravens, graveyard, moon etc

images*;http://livingnightmare.i.l.f.unblog.fr/files/2016/03/haunted-castle-after-dark-21838089-1600-1080.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/236x/df/a7/f7/dfa7f7b10028d683826a5645288cb40b--dark-places-gothic-art.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/68/a0/e7/68a0e767760ad47a0d9c1a0bac29e352.jpg

mood/colors/font ideas;</b Black, grey and white, very gothic creepy vibe. Not a big fan of colors

anything else?; VOTE FOR SARA BERRY




I’m sorry but you are denied.

I hope you find the right designer!


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