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profile header


ideas; https://www.wattpad.com/user/gentlefiend I love the vibe of this profile header, a mirage of darker themed items!

images (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/19/66/e5/1966e55ed91c176e2457961774580c5b.jpg) (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/6e/fa/16/6efa1674cc763f76ea587003f068af26.jpg) (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/3a/e6/b3/3ae6b3f332174fd7cd431ed368748259.jpg) (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/cf/3c/aa/cf3caa2be3f13299102ced7ee0a0c410.jpg) and more similar aesthetically things
mood/colors/font ideas;
Just black and white please! Maybe red if there’s roses involved?

anything else?; Get out of my office



4 6 8 10

text*; n/a

ideas; Stuff about fire, hell, alcohol etc

mood/colors; red and black and grey.

images*; https://pastebin.com/raw/Ej44UUXb some possible images. I’ve tried to format them together, but the color schemes just never freakin blend right and it doesn’t look very aesthetic and it makes me angry

anything else?; Get out of my office


thread pack

pack contents; Main thread + Reserved + Cover (this is a form) + Picspams (similar to Cover, but the heading is different) + Character Aesthetic (similar to Cover and Picspams, but the heading is different) + Accepted + Denied + Delivery + (For this one, could you leave the heading blank?)

title; romeo’s (small letters intended)

subtitle*; a solo graphic shop

theme/inspo; can you make it light, and simple? something like your thanatos graphics shop or arrogant boy thread (except with links on the side instead of the bottom). i know those are two very different threads, (sorry) but anything simple and pretty will work really.

ideas; preferrably a rose gif on top of the main thread. two different boxes for intoroduction and rules/other stuff part. introduction at the top left, and rules/other stuff on the bottom right. yeah, that’s all. (am i being too specific? haha, im sorry. you can play around with this as much as you like. i like all of your threads)

color palette; this or that

# of links; 3

name of links; examples, forms, click me

images*; rose 1 ; rose 2

text; Welcome to romeo’s! ‘romeo’s’ is a solo graphic shop, run by this little girl named Raj.
It’s been so long since I’ve made graphics, but hey, I’m back at it again! Here, I will be providing you with Covers, Picspams and Character Aesthetics. Please read the rules carefully before requesting.
1. No thread hopping. Please.
2. Do not be vague with your ideas, especially for covers.
3. Please be patient. Sometimes, making graphics makes time.
4. Do tell me if you’re using the graphic piece or not.
5. The password is your favorite book quote.
6. Please respond within 5 days of delivery.
7. I may reject your request if I feel I can’t make the best version of what you’re requesting.
8. No payment, so happily request away. (:

anything else?; Get out of my office. I love your graphics soo much. They’re so beautiful. <3




You’re semi-accepted for the profile header!

Thank you for requesting!




You’re accepted for the picspam!

No payment because graphics are free right now.

Thank you for requesting!




You’re semi-accepted!

Thank you for requesting!



girl boy

type; [x ] casual semi-formal formal

title; Darling

occasion; Everyday. She’s excessive like that

clothing type <jacket, shirt, dress, pants, etc.>; White fur coat, silver sparkly dress, white heels

accessories <bags, jewelry, etc.>; lots of silver jewelry

hair style <ponytail, curled, bun, etc.>; Black hair in high high, tight ponytail

what to avoid; any clothing that isn’t white or sparkly silver

color scheme*; White and silver
make-up*; Winged eyeliner, nude lip, heavy “instagram baddie” makeup look

images*; https://i.pinimg.com/564x/bd/fd/a1/bdfda15f20f5c840dab0f4306df2adf8.jpg .Similar aesthetic (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/1e/27/31/1e2731fd8de5148ac35a030bbd57d99e.jpg) minus the shoes

mood; high class socialite

anything else?; Get out of my office




I’m sorry but you are denied.

I hope you find the right designer!





Title: Skyfall


Type: Manipulated

Subtitle: “She came into my life like a fallen angel”

Summary: Maddison Kyle “Maddie” for short didn’t have the best upbringing she spent most of her days trying to keep her younger sister out of trouble but during the night of the Wayne’s murder Maddie and her sister see the murder and are looked after by detective James Gordon who takes her to Wayne manor.She is introduced to Bruce Wayne and his butler who despise both girls as her sister develops a friendship with Bruce she begins to become closer with Alfred but when she leaves his life he feels empty.

FaceClaim: Candice King

Colour Scheme: Dark Blue And Black

Genre: Fanfiction And Gotham

Mood: Dark, Dangerous And Romance

Inspiration: Reverence

Picture Ideas: could you use an image of candice from vampire diaries

Ideas: could candice be at the front with a dark background behind her could the font be similar to the font for Reverence.


I’m sorry but I do not offer covers




I’m sorry but you are denied for the profile header.

I hope you find the right designer!




Hey! Here’s what your picspam’s going to look like! If you want any changes, let me know and please provide images. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days or it becomes a premade.

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!


Oh it’s perfect thank you!!!


you’re welcome!


character card - six

name; Faye Adara

age; 19

adjective; Elegant

color palette; Black and white like the past two!

information<hastebin/pastebin link>; https://pastebin.com/raw/A023ykJ9

ideas; same as the last two. They’ve been perfect!

images*; https://i.pinimg.com/originals/c1/fe/60/c1fe60e1e8b5aa540d7826cf3a46a407.gif (let me know if this doesn’t work!)

anything else; Get out of my office


Can you make a thread like yours for me but with Chef Ramsey as the picture???




I’m sorry but you are denied.

I hope you find the right designer!




You’re accepted!

No payment because graphics are free right now.

Thank you for requesting!


you can request a thread from me and I can do something similar to this one