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Awesome I’m going to now



title; Hells Critic

subtitle*; “Leave better or leave bitter”

theme/inspo; Chef ramsy

ideas; anything with chef ramsy

color palette; light clorors like a red or blue even a black

# of links; none

name of links; none

images*; no images but i am sure you can find one


anything else?; if it is not to much can you do subthreads that have a kicken knife that says, accepted , denied, Hells review, and announcements if not that is fine, get out of my office


can you please add a color palette to your form? also, can you put your text into a pastebin/hastebin instead of the image?


I think women are just

Can you explain pastebin/hastebin and where can I find a color pallet and I will definitely do that


you can make a color palette on here. pastebin or hastebin is just a site where you can make a document with text so I will be able to copy it and put it onto your thread instead of typing it all up from the image you gave.


I will do that right now


colors i hope i did it right

Hello, my name is Abby and I’m looking for stories that can blow me out of my socks So here are my thoughts. This thread will be open to all story Yes, that means all stories When I accept your story and I will accept all. I will come back here tell you what chapter I stopped at and why You can enter as many stories as you would like. I don’t have a timeline I usually read mostly at night for I have a child. If this is something you feel you can accomplish in your story will win my heart over Feel free to follow the forms. Remember these are my thoughts. Does it mean but I don’t like others well. awesome remember I’m brutal I hold nothing back so if you can’t take that heat and want someone to sugarcoat it for you, then find another thread


I would like to fill out the form for the profile header, but this is what I get after I copied it:

<span title=“coded by newsies-”><span style=“font-size:30px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:11px;background:#333;color:#C53231;font-family:tnr;display:block;padding:40px 50px 0px 50px;margin-bottom:-5px;text-transform:lowercase;”><BR><B><I>profile header</B></I> </span><span style=“font-size:12px;letter-spacing:0px;line-height:15px;background:#333;color:#E8E8E8;font-family:arial;display:block;padding:0px 50px 40px 50px;”><BR> <b>text*;</b> text <br><b>ideas;</b> text <br><b>images*;</b> text <br><b>mood/colors/font ideas;</b> text <br><b>anything else?;</b> text

Does someone know what I’m doing wrong?


I’ll take a look at the colors and your form when I get a chance


to paste, hold down control(command), shift, and v


Thank you


that’s what I did


it should work if you have done that. you can also try right clicking in the comment box and selecting “paste as plain text”. if that doesn’t work, it could be the browser you are using


Alright I will try. Thank you


profile header

text*; Wishes If I had one wish for you on this special day it would be: May the best of your past be the worst of your future - Catherine Pulsifer (please see picture below)

ideas; simple

images*; Screenshot_20181130-184322_YouTube you don’t have to use this.

mood/colors/font ideas; the style of the image and maybe a similar font would be great

anything else?; thank you for your help




You’re semi-accepted!

Thank you for requesting!




I’m sorry but you are denied.

I hope you find the right designer!


what size/ measurements do you use for your profile banners?






Hey! I’m sorry for the wait! Things are getting a bit crazy with college. Here’s what your character card’s going to look like! If you want any changes, let me know. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days.

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!