[ mintha ] FREE graphics - cfcu



you’re totally fine! This is absolutely perfect, thank you again so much :slight_smile:


you’re welcome!


book mockup

link to cover/s; Kingdom of Decay
layout name; <see post #3> 6x9 angle
additional Info for layout chosen; N/A
anything else?; Get out of my office




You’re accepted!

No payment because graphics are free right now.

Thank you for requesting!


Hey! You made me this amazing profile header about a month ago, and I absolutely loveeeee it. I literally use it for everything( both my profile and my chapter headers), it’s so gorgeous. However I recently decided to change my book/profile out of the blue vibe and more into a red aesthetic, so this unfortunately won’t match anymore. I was attempting to filter the picture into black and white, but it was coming out extremely blurry and awful. Would you be able to fix this and make it black and white so that it matches (orrrr perhaps I could put in a request for a new one if you can’t)

(here was the original picture btwww)


hi! ah it’s not really meant to be used as a chapter header, since it’s a profile header, but I’m glad you love it. were you trying to filter the header I made you into black and white? I should be able to change it to black and white


Yes I did try to filter it black and white, and this is how it’s showing up on my profile. It’s super blurry and grainy for some odd reason. It’s also very muted, and I would love if the text and maybe even the moon in the background popped a little more and was less faded




Hey! Here’s what your book mockup’s going to look like! If you want any changes, let me know. If not then go ahead and use it. Please pick it up within 3 days.

[ click for graphic ]

Thank you for requesting!


since you edited the header yourself I will not be editing the header for you. you edited my graphic which is not only rude but against my rules. please take the header down as you edited and it looks blurry which makes my graphic look bad. either use the header as I made it or do not use it.


Oh, I had no plans to use the black and white one. I filtered it to see if it fit the vibe of my profile before coming to ask you to spend your time editing it and changing it. I’ve requested from your shop a million times and have read the rules about a dozen more than that :joy:. I only put it up so you could see what I meant about the blurriness and how I wanted things sharper. But I’ve already taken it down, don’t worry.


even if you had no plans to use it, you still edited it. which, if you had read my rules dozens of times, you would know is against them. by the way you phrased it in your first post asking me about it, it sounded as if you were trying to edit yourself and only came to me because it turned out blurry. I will not be editing the header for you. you can use it as is or not use it.


do you offer covers


Also when are you going to start doing the playlist requests again bc it’s on your forms but not on your current list and it’s vvv annoying


no, I don’t offer covers. I might add them and some other graphics to my list once I’m done with this semester since I’ll have more time to make things


oh cool, when does your semester end?


also I see trailers on the list as well, will you be opening up the trailer section?


also also, sorry to keep asking questions but do you currently accept voiceover requests? Or is that postponed until after your break ends?


Thanks! It’s perfect! :purple_heart:


my semester ends the 19th

I might, I’m not sure yet

I am only accepting requests for the graphics I have listed on the currently offering list. I can’t do voiceovers right now as I don’t have a quiet space to record them. as of now, I am not sure what graphics I will be adding to the list during my break


you’re welcome!