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I'm definitely so intrigued by this synopsis already even though I'm scared of murder mysteries and ghosts, but maybe this is a time to step out of my comfort zone ~


If there are translations, it should be okay. I’ll only comment on the translations, however.



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Train Ride
by @shadowsettle
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First of all, let me start by, good work! This was a really sweet short story, and I loved every second of it even though I find Romance extremely sickening sometimes :joy:. This was sweet, short and a wonderful read that I completed in a matter of minutes. On a side note, I actually thought that ‘the train ride only lasted for 10 minutes’ meant that the train was gonna crash or something - perhaps due to the fact that I’ve watched multiple movies like that - so the fact that it didn’t go that way surprised me. You have the knack of making people care about the characters almost instantly: my heart jumped out of me straight away and I literally wanted to push the characters together :nerd_face:. If there’s anything I could ask you to improve on, maybe lengthen it a bit and put more plot development to make it more of a story, because this was more like reading a scene - although I really enjoyed it. On a last note, you’re a really great writer and your punctuation and grammar is flawless and immaculate. Thank you for telling me about your story. :heart:



Everlight | Prologue
by @TAJoseph
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Ah, this is exactly why I don’t take Fantasy frequently - I’m extremely in love with the range of vocabulary, the descriptive writing and more that I could never own or have in a million years. This is one of those immaculate stories that I instantly love the writing, yet couldn’t grasp. The entire chapter was beautiful - the characters, names, descriptions were beautiful, the story aesthetics were beautifully edited - good work on that note. On the other hand, I noticed several punctuation/capitalisation and quotation mistakes, which I would advise you to try to google on it or find an editor for grammar and punctuation specifically. This didn’t really get on my nerves though, I just am a picky editor, and they were really easy to comprehend. Overall, I can’t wait to read the next chapter in the next cycle, good work! :heart:


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Words in Pink | Introduction + January 15-17
by @originalverbivore
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3 seconds in the book and I’m already in love with it.

Perhaps I’m just completely in love with Teen Fiction/YA as I mentioned before, but the second I took the review, I was already positively reacting to it - and I was not let down. The notes he left was cheesy, adorable, sweet and so cute - a boy using post-it notes for an almost-average girl. The only thing I could critique was that you had some minor grammatical mistakes - but for a first draft, this was really good. The prologue was short and to the point, introducing the characters’ backgrounds almost instantly, and drew me towards the book even more. All I want to do right now is to cuddle up in bed and read the entire book in one go. I loved this so much, and I can’t wait to read the entire thing and tell everyone about this book. I LOVED IT. :heart:



The Alpha’s Flame
by @FireAlwaysReturns
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Aw, that adorable little furball…
Perhaps I’m not focusing on the real plot of the book, but I’ve enjoyed this book so much so far. It’s simple fantasy, unlike the previous fantasy books I’ve read - easy to comprehend, speaks the language of the reader and is extremely cute. In an instant, I’ve fallen in love with the protagonist - the fox, as I’ve highlighted in the comments. I noticed few to no mistakes in terms of grammar and punctuation, so good work on that note. The plot was simple and easy to follow through, and I can’t wait to see the actual work get posted and perhaps I’ll take a peek at it when it does. I’m really curious about what magic the protagonist has, and although I haven’t gotten in the real story yet, this was an extremely interesting read and had great imagery. It was also thought-provoking and have I mentioned, so, so cute… All in all, I loved the three chapters I got to read, thank you for sharing it with me!



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I’m not really a paranormal-genre reader, unfortunately, and don’t really read about witches much, so I don’t think I’d be able to do it for express queue either. However, in addition, my full queue just got filled up. Sorry about that! :frowning_face:

In addition, you might want to check out this thread, Abby’s :skull_and_crossbones: Hell’s Critiques, she’s willing to take any chapter-by-chapter (i.e. similar to full queue) books via this thread. :nerd_face:



sorry, i had to deny...

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If not, you might want to check out this thread, Abby’s :skull_and_crossbones: Hell’s Critiques, she’s willing to take any chapter-by-chapter (i.e. similar to full queue) books via this thread. :nerd_face:


It’s funny because this is what I do. I read one chapter a week of my chapter by chapter. And when I get to a book that is done and not updated. I will put. In small letters. I have finished your book and reviewed the last chapter. If you want me to review more chapter in the future. Please submit again only if I’m accepting chapter by chapter


Oh, I’m just going to do that too (once finished the ongoing/completed book that I see at that moment) :joy: I thought this was probably the best way instead of reading the entire book at once