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It is because that way each week’s you get to review a new chapter. That’s why I don’t take a lot of chapter by chapter review. Because if it has 30 chapters it’s going to take me 30 weeks to review it that’s a lot of weeks. But if I have a book that has like eight chapters. That’s fine because after the 8th week. It gets cycled out and I can put somebody new in


Oh, true. That’s why I put in ‘I reserve the right to discontinue after 10 chapters’ because honestly, I’ve read so many 50+ chapter books before

Also, I’m gonna try cycle the queue 3-4 times a week at least


Thats awesome. See i dont think I will go past 30 fifty is to much.


:joy: only for books I really enjoy I’ll do past 10. For books I really don’t, I… can’t. :joy:


That’s understandable. I had a vampire story and I am like thinking about telling them I can’t do 32 chapters to chapter reviews.


Thank you so much! I will definitely work on the length and development to the best of my abilities. I think I’ll request here again if I can, and thank you again!

~ Shadow :winterstars:


Anytime :nerd_face:


Well, I’ll be updating more but once you finish the number of chapters you’re good with, you don’t have to read any more :joy: cuz I prolly will write 30 chapters


Haha i noticed I have one for 48 chapters haja I don’t mind as long as it keeps me interested.


Well hopefully I’ll interest you :nerd_face:


can’t wait to do my evil plot twist


Omg that will be amazing


:joy: but yeah enjoy the boring bits for now :nerd_face:


Oh. I will don’t worry I will


:sparkling_heart: thank you


You’re welcome


Wattpad Username: @averysummers
Story Title: 12:01
Story URL: (I was hoping that you’d be okay reviewing it on docs? And for chapter 2, like the rewritten versions? docs version and wattpad version
Genre: Teen fiction ayeeee
Synopsis: (NOT A BLURB, I want like an introduction/short first-part summary) Gosh I’m so bad at this–basically Addison’s father has died due to a car accident and she’s coping while her mother hides secrets from her. Daniel’s friend died in a car accident as well, but his friend leaves a series of clues for him, one that he and Blake’s girlfriend must solve together.
Secret Code/Password: I hope to gain feedback, and to improve my writing!
Express or Full Queue: (if express, please specify chapters and whether you have a prologue, and if full queue, please specify how many chapters and parts you have) Full Queue, of course :DD
Anything you want me to specifically comment on: not really. I guess plot/character development? plot holes?



i will be adding you to full queue shortly.
I decided to add you even though there was supposed to be only 5 spots and it's all filled up because I love teen fiction. Also, docs is fine ~


:joy: you’re the best


Wattpad Username: @elizaerson
Story Title: Star Wars: The Fallen Order

Story URL: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168786042-looking-for-feedback

Genre: Sci-fi/ FanFic

Synopsis: The Sith have returned and destroyed the Jedi Order. I don’t really know what else I can say. I only have a prologue thus far.

Secret Code/Password: I would still like some help to make sure I am on the right track. It is a Star Wars Novel, so you have been warned. Thanks again, I appreciate any and all feedback.

Express: just a prologue so far.

Anything you want me to specifically comment on: not in particular.

Thanks again!



i will be adding you to express queue shortly.
I'm kind of worried that there won't be much to comment on, hopefully by the time I get to your story, there will be 1 more chapter or something!