MisFits! Come say hello! 7.0

Welcome to the thread ‘MisFits’ !

This chat is always chaotic , and topic goes from apple to zebra in mere seconds

Never ever be stiff and always be free and frank with us , because we are nut bolts

  • No story Promotions
  • No Roleplays
  • Do not unnecessarily flag posts
  • Find something wrong just ignore than putting up a fight
  • No cussing (If you want to , learn the way we do it here from anishka)
3 golden rules, Must read
  1. If a person ever tries roleplaying. Ignore never ever continue and encourage them
  2. If a person talks about self harm or suicide , just flag the message and ignore
  3. If a person comes and promotes his story or other , flag and just ignore

Secret passcode is brinjal!

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Meet the MisFits

Guys please give a self introduction of yourself!

@LacySheridanAuthor : Mama bear and full time fantasy author. Bad at introductions.

@writercat383 Hi, I’m June! I love reading, writing, and all things digital. I am also a nature-lover, an ice cream snarfer, and a fan of kidneys. I hope to move to Timbuktu someday and own my very own yak. I am a Christian, a proud feline lover, and a complete and utter wacko. Yay me!

and @QUINN_B15 : Hey , I am Quinn.I am a belieber. I have a buddy Arjun and a sister Ananya on wattpad. I talk too much in texts, in real life I am a shy person. Sorry If I am annoying.

@Anra_Sjar: Anra here!(waves) contemplating on whether to say more or not…you decide?:wink:

@Anishka_writes23 I recently got married to Fred Weasley and I am a flower pot : )

@Rosalie160: Hello people, I am Rose. I am a very rare species, I am the Queen of this thread and married to my king. I am crackhead and a weirdo and I love making new friend. I love k-pop, K-drama, Anime and Webtoons. One more thing I love to tease and joke.

@Shyshaixoxo i am a 15 years old who love reading and writing

@Arravissa-Count Hi I am a nonfiction writer and Travel influencer

@MBandGBsisters : uhh hookay, I have never been good at introducing. Soooo what do I say? I am GB, I am 14 aaaaaaaand I love bananas. :sweat_smile:This is what I currently know bout myself.

@Living_Tribunal Hello. My name is Kris. I am from the Caribbean. I love reading and writing ( duh) and I would describe myself as an introvert. I love anime, manga and Marvel and DC comics. I am a little nerdy. I love movies like the Transformers and Pacific Rim.

@ShinyHippogriff540 I’m a newbie to wattpad and I’ve spent the past few days coming off school, finishing my homework and scrolling down stories and wattpad forums.
Self intro?.. hmm, I’d say I’m a Canadian girl that lives in Hong Kong that is a bookworm and loves writing herself too. Luv Harry Potter so much

@gobblethebobble Hello people! Nice to be here, My name is Raj and I love Poetry, reading books and some nice Maggi! I love poetry and reading books. I like eating food. I like playing some sports like table tennis And I like coding

Hello! I am Jo, I love reading and writing a lot ! I am a girl who always have a book in my bag wherever I go and an ambivert! I am in love with writing poetry and loves to talk

hi everyone! i’m po :hearts: i write drama, poetry, humor, and drink a lot of coffee. oh, also, i love dad jokes.

I’m just a fairy wanting to spread positivity around the forums! I send love and support to anyone who needs it~ :sparkling_heart::sparkles::lumi: :sarahxbartlett: I love you :revolving_hearts:

@Imakemyownway Hello I Jess which is short for Jesika. I don’t know if Vampires are real or not but my love for them is real :heart_eyes: I love machines and space since my last few briths, I m so fascinated by them I studying for them. I love spicy food :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@lemon_mirage Hello, i’m Alivia which isn’t short for James, but you can call me that anyway!
I love to read webtoons [espically Shiloh]. I don’t have muh else to say…

Helloo! I’m Maisha and I’m from Bangladesh but I live in London. I’m quite new to wattpad so I don’t know how most of these cubs and forums work. Since quarantine I’ve become determined to write a few books. I love Kpop and k-dramas and I would probably describe myself as socially awkward. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nah for real wassup, I’m Marco. I love music, music is AMAZING :flushed: Like I be listening to vaporwave, city pop, 70s and 80s R&B and Soul, yacht rock, and a bunch more. Other than that, I love pineapple fanta, writing (duhhh), playing video games, kind of drawing but I could aways get better, n’ reading n’ all that. So YURRRRR WSP :woozy_face:

Howzit y’all it’s the SerpentQueen
I know y’all gonna be wondering “who died and made her Queen.” Answer my low-self esteem and demons is what.
In summary:
Mbti: INTJ ; colour: dark green tbh if it was up to me I’d paint everything green; Animal:serpent of coursssee😂 ; ummmm I like the food that comes from the ground…yes ; music: I love it all, I’m da type that would be going from Beethoven to xxxtention quick.
Ayt that’s me.:relieved:
How are you folks doing? Hope you’re having a great day.
Anyway, call me Shanu. I’m a wattpad writer, obviously and I have a horrible handwriting and I love dogs. I have a dog named Nemo, a GSD, and he’s the most dorkiest dog in the world and I love him to death.
Hello, I am a person who loves to read Fantasy and Paranormal! Would love to be friends!
@nickknack21 I am nikki,15, I love to read and i write poetry.slytherin.infj.food.sleep.internet.music.memes. hope we can be frens ^^
Hi! I’m Ricardo from Philippines you can call me Ric for short ^^ Gavin Kinsman is just my pen name so you can call me anything of the two :slight_smile: I’m 20 and I am a college student who loves Zachary Levi <3
@RichardPowell72 Hi, my name is Richard Powell I am married with four children and two grandchildren. by trade I work in a local pub as a carvery chef

@nil_pil hello! I love horror movies, milkshakes, memes & meeting new people on the forums :smile:

@Naomi_Windsor, I guess I have to introduce myself so here it is, :blush: :kissing_heart: :kissing: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_smiling_eyes: :crazy_face:. And that is me

@kookieangel14 i’m just a normal teen who loves hugs and ice cream need a new friend message me and u will have one soon enough x


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Hey. It has been a while. How r u

Hii ♕

How are you?

I’m doing great


@Marielle_luv_7 Elle! Come here!

yo. im good. n i see youre doin good as well :eyes:

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