Missing Book

One of my books has been taken off my profile completely. It was there four hours ago, and I have no idea what happened to it. I was wondering if someone reports your book (even if it’s a false claim), do you get notified if its being taken down?

Wattpad was down a few hours ago, and some other people have said their books were missing. It could be that.

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Ah, okay. That’s a little more reassuring. I just hope it comes back lol

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Wattpad has a tendency of breaking into the wine cabinet, don’t worry it’s just a hangover.


I’m having the same problem! My story is missing and when I try to read it, I receive an error message telling me that my story got deleted although I could read it perfectly until yesterday. I tried to report the problem to Wattpad but nothing happened. I’m afraid of losing my long work…