|| momentary ||

i can try 2.5k every act… this word limit is really getting to me, ugh.

strawberry shortcake is such a profound song? i love it.

warning, i’m getting on a touchy subject here.

it’s bullshit how women are objectified by men and they have to do things that hurt or they just don’t want to do because it makes them look nice. or sometimes they can’t do things they want because it’s “slutty” or whatever

and then when they do the opposite, they’re somehow wrong too? like again? it’s a horrible case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t, and it’s terrible. most men don’t have to deal with this bs, so why do we have to?

we’re also notorious for pitting women against each other for no apparent reason??? like damn.

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it’s just… i hate this trend of blaming women for everything even when men are wrong. like, yes, women can be wrong. doesn’t mean they are all the time.

i want to talk.

i miss the moments when my brain is so full of words, i can barely control it. i miss the moments when i have so much to say that it almost comes out. i miss the moments where i was always overflowing, talking, lively.

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and here i am now. wanting to say everything, anything, but nothing comes out.

huh. tragic.

coding doesn’t work now?

okay, then. i see how it is, discourse. bitch.

just joking please don’t ban me or something.

That’s so pretty


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so coding’s gone for good, then.

such a shame. i was just beginning to learn it.

but i understand. a little.

i suppose it had to happen one time or another.