|| momentary ||

huh. tragic.

coding doesn’t work now?

okay, then. i see how it is, discourse. bitch.

just joking please don’t ban me or something.

That’s so pretty


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so coding’s gone for good, then.

such a shame. i was just beginning to learn it.

but i understand. a little.

i suppose it had to happen one time or another.

i don’t want to study.

a little number on my report card is apparently going to decide my future. what a world.

and who the fuck cares, anyway? not me!

no, sir, not me, because when you spend time procrastinating and trying to make sense of the bigger picture the smaller things just don’t make sense to you, not anymore. they feel like something else.

it’s the worst and the best feeling simultaneously because this is something you once knew - something you felt over. but now it’s a distant memory, one you don’t really understand yourself.

filing this away for later:

“confidence, at least to me, isn’t thinking you’re perfect or flawless. it’s knowing you have to change, knowing that there are some parts wrong with you and working to change - but also knowing that you have to do it for yourself and no one else.”

i really… like it.

i haven’t been here in a while.

i miss this place.