moon lovers; c l o s e d



yes, in the miscs section there are three examples given: moon on fire, this love and art of withdrawal
i can make it according to what you want as your canvas size. (the ones in the examples shown are 500 x 200)



here you go ~
please, let me know if you want any changes or wont be using it; if you do use it, please credit me in the summary / description :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Accepted! Please, complete the payment.
Would you like a specific taehyung picture / from a specific photoshoot or should i choose whatever i think suits best? :blush:


Wow it so pretty it exactly what I wanted thank you so much.


whatever you think would be most appropriate thank you so much I’m looking forward to seeing it x


for the payment is this for your story sugar and spice?


yes :blush:


also, hey, could I get the general vibe of the story? is it a romance, thriller or humour etc?


its a romantic comedy set in a high school, but has rather serious themes mentioned, hope this helps x


hii ur cover is almost ready to go so just a reminder: please complete your payment so I can deliver it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


hiya I made a comment yesterday on ur prologue is that enough for payment? Im sorry if I got confused and have not done it correctly x


heyy you made a comment on my foreword, the prologue is after the foreword and it’s seven inline comments; not one comment. it’s completely fine haha just please complete it so i can deliver your cover <3


oh jeez sorry I’m so dumb I will do that right now thanks again :):rofl:


preview; cover download link will be provided after confirmation of usage

okayyyy, so i kinda went wild with this lol… idk if this is what u wanted (honestly I wouldn’t bc idk neither of them satisfy me T__T probably bc taehyung has TOO many good pictures like wow and I couldn’t choose T__T) so u can choose which one you want or don’t want (I can remake the cover if you have a specific taehyung pic) / want any changes.

please let me know if you want any changes or won’t be using it; if you do use it, please credit me in the summary / description.


OH MY GOD I FRIKIN LOVE IT! THE FIRST ONE IS PERFECT IM LOOSING IT :grin: of course I will credit u in the description and first chapter thank u so much!


oh yaayy im glad! here is the download link to the cover:




bumppp ~


someone pls take these premades off of my hands so i can replace them with new ones please and thank u

(the premade form has been added)


b u m p (this is just getting embarrassing now .__. yes i have nothing to do… the life of a student on break)


cover made for @/criticalreader c: