moon lovers; c l o s e d



pls take these premades off my hands thank u c:


Minimal or simple or inbetween : inbetween

Title: Potus

Subtitle: Pay attention to the fine print

Author/Username : C200398

*Colour scheme:*Neutral colors would work better and maybe dark colors such as dark blues and specks of light would work for a more mysterious vibe.

Theme/Genre: Political drama with a romantic twist


Specific Ideas: Since this story is a political drama with a lot of action and romance,
I think something on the simpler side would work better.
I would like that the american flag as minimalistic as possible to be incorporated somewhere near the title with maybe the figure of Elizabeth Gillies in the front as she is the main character. If possible, Richard Madden in a suit along her would really be great, but its not necessary if you think it wont look good
I really like the images here so maybe use those for inspo and also the pretty standard colors with just distinct patterns and colors like blue and silver or yellow and golden as in the image.
If this doesnt work, just a picture of the oval office or maybe the capitol blurry would work along the main character.

thank you so much if you decide to help


you’re semi-accepted! which means i’ll give it a try (as im not fully confident on this) and if satisfied with the outcome, i’ll deliver so then, you can complete the payment (upon delivery) :bluehearts:


Title: Life of a Gemini
Author/Username: Lydia Perri
Any other slight possible changes desired: Nothing


this is for a premade, yes? so could you specify which premade? :slight_smile:


Graphic type : Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween : Inbetween
Title: Illusionary Immortal: The Rebirth of Liu Mi
Author/Username : Momocatt
Colour scheme: gold or silver lettering
Theme/Genre: Romantic fantasy
Images/References/Exam: queen-and-i-p2
Specific Ideas: sort of like the picture but ancient dressed chinese woman and a modern day chinese woman. If that’s to hard I settle for a ancient dressed woman in the foreground and a modern day city in china in the background. I want the text to be pretty cursive letters.

Graphic type : Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween : Inbetween
Title: An Everlasting Fantasy
Author/Username : Momocatt
Colour scheme: Silver text
Theme/Genre: Romantic fantasy

Specific Ideas: fantasy setting with a boy


Semi-accepted! Can complete the payment upon delivery :bluehearts:
Also, could you please give me more details for the second cover?


Well the story is an episodic one where a boy goes to different worlds that are fantasy based. With werewolves, mermaids, vampires, etc. So I wanted the cover to have fantasy appearance making it seem like he no longer in a normal world.


proper sized image download link will be provided after confirmation of usage

hii, here it is and sorry for the delay :c
please complete the payment and let me know if you want any changes or wont be using it.


proper sized image download link will be provided after confirmation of usage

here you go ~ (im so sorry this is horrible, i wont be surprised if you deny it T__T)
please let me know if you want any changes or wont be using it.
(i’ll get started on your second cover soon c:)


Maybe try it the second way, ancient Chinese dressed girl in the foreground, modern day China in the background. It was a good try although I didn’t like the colors and you didn’t get my full title it was a good adaptation of what I wanted but not quite. I won’t be using that one sorry.


Sure, I can give it another try! c:


I found a pictures that might work

Or if you want to attempt the type 1 again



payment complete. Will be using it thank you again


dl link :bluehearts:


heyy just letting you know I’ll be quite busy this week so by next week I’ll have your covers delivered :hearts:
If you need the covers ASAP then you’re free to request from someone else :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Moon Lovers :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: , I’m still hoping for season two
Graphic type: Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween: Inbetween
Title: Who killed Alaska
Author/Username: Dramasi
Colour scheme: Dark colours
Theme/Genre: vampire /mystery
Images/References/Examples: I was thinking of using Katherine Mcnamara with dominic sherwood ( clary and jace) . or Just Katherine Mcnamara by herself in the cover.

you obviouly dont have to use these actual images , just wanted to give you an idea :slight_smile: and Thanks


accepted :two_hearts: please complete the payment
also, i could deliver this by the end of the week or smth. basically it could take a few days so i hope you don’t mind :bluehearts:


preview; proper sized image dl link will be provided after confirmation of usage

hii, so sorry for the wait! here it is ~
let me know if you want any changes or wont be using it. also, do you still want the second cover; the everlasting fantasy?


its fine and already completed payment :smile: