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Title: Darkening Seduction (THIS FONT IF YOU CAN? )
Subtitle: Mistress of Darkness (any smaller but still elegant font is fine)
Author Name: Gracie Lynn
Genre: Dark Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance
Color Scheme: THIS Very dark and black, with pops of the dark red burgundy to bring color to the picture.
Ideas: I wanted to use this PICTURE for the main idea. This INSPIRATION is how I envision the cover being color scheme wise. For overall picture wise, I was thinking of cutting out the background and all traces of the forest, and making it appear as if she’s hanging inside the cage, trapped. HERE is a picture you can use for extra roses, as it fits the dark gritty color scheme. I was also thinking of having a cord of red rose and vine holding the cage up, like a string from above. Background wise, dark texture like in the inspiration picture would be great!
Anything else: I know this sounds a little complicated and I tried to make it sound as easy as possible! Let me know if you need any more information, and thank you for considering :slight_smile:


accepted! please, complete the payment :two_hearts:
(Also, if the pictures you’ve provided me don’t work out, is it okay if I use other pictures?)


Unless you can find a blonde girl captured in a cage made of roses then no :joy: it’s a very specific, sorry for that


hii, your cover is ready ~
please complete the payment soon so i can deliver it :bluehearts:


Just finished!


actual sized image dl will be provided after confirmation of usage.

here it is ~
lmk if you want any changes or wont be using it; if you do use, credit me in the summary :hearts:


Ok wow, I really love it! I love the placement of everything and how it’s set up, and I will 100% be using it… if you could maybe change the colors around? I know with the forest background it’s a little rough, but if you could make the background completely black, the font white, and take out the pinkish hues so it’s a little more grittier and darker like THIS ?

(I’m more then happy to complete more payment if you need, just ask!)


Yes, sure! And no need for any further payment haha


actual sized image dl link will be provided after confirmation of usage.

here you go ~


Last thing… Could you make “Gracie Lynn” and “Darkening Seduction” white font? SOrry for the hassle!

And as soon as that is done H E R E is the link to the novel which is on my main account so you know it’s being used :slight_smile:


here you go ~
dl link :bluehearts:


new cover for my storyyy
idk how i feel about this but :woman_shrugging:


b u m p



Graphic type (whether it’s a cover, a signature, a chapter image or banner you’re requesting): Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween: Manip if it’s possible
Title: P U R E
Subtitle: Life and death, light and dark, pure and impure (life, light, pure on her side) (Death, dark and impure on his !)
Author/Username: Duval
Colour scheme: White and black to show the good/evil contrast
Theme/Genre: Romance, scary, light
Images/References/Examples: this is my current cover, and I love it, but I’ve used it for awhile and am looking to switch it up.
Specific Ideas: I am using Kaya Scodelario and Charles Michael Davis for the face claims. I want something like this maybe except more of their faces shown and her side is white and flowey and bright, and his is dark and dreary and cold



Graphic type (whether it’s a cover, a signature, a chapter image or banner you’re requesting): Idk whether I want a banner, a chapter image or a signature. I don’t know the difference !
Minimal or simple or inbetween : whatever :slight_smile:
Title: Haunted
Subtitle: Death won’t let him go
Author/Username : (it’s a banner for my chapters so I don’t need the username)
Colour scheme: dark and creepy, smoke and ghosts
Theme/Genre: Horror
Images/References/Examples: maybe these? Ghost apparitions behind him with the opacity down so they blend into the fog?



Graphic type: Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween: In between, really its whatever you think would look best. I’m awful at making covers so if you think one or the other looks better, then shoot your shot lol
Title: Vertigo
Subtitle: soulmates aren’t just lovers
Author/Username: kumquat_babe17
Colour scheme: It honestly all depends on the scheme of the picture. But i really don’t like flashy, bright colors. they can be vivid, but i’m more of either a pastel or a rich, dark person. so if the picture leans more towards one then we can go in that direction. If you have a certain picture you like/find then we can talk about what would look best.
Theme/Genre: Romance/Coming of Age

My current cover uses the photo above, if you’d like to reuse you can

basically, anything of harry after he cut his hair :joy: and i know what you’re thinking "another harry styles fan fiction :roll_eyes: " yes, but i’m just wrapping it up before i go off to college. i’ve been writing it since i was like twelve and i think its time i finish.

Specific Ideas: i’m up for anything. like i said, i have a terrible imagination when it comes to covers. if any of those pictures don’t suit, just pic one after the one direction era lol. we don’t stan. thank you so much for even looking at this. i’ll understand if you don’t wanna do it.


Accepted! Please complete the payment :bluehearts:


Accepted! Please complete the payment. :bluehearts:


Aww, no, I really didn’t think “another hs fic” haha. it’s really admirable that you’re finishing off the fic :blush:
Accepted, please complete the payment! :bluehearts:


Finished payment !