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Oh, I don’t know nct, that picture was a cover of a chinese novel, I liked the art style. I didn’t want to use a real person or a well known person on the cover. I will try to find a picture for you. Sorry for misunderstanding.


I found one that might work





Made this and just saw your reply haha. I’ll get to making one with the pictures you’ve provided :slight_smile:
but if you want to use this one then let me know


Title: Reparo
Author/Username : Kelsey Le Gros
Colour scheme: Dark
Theme/Genre: Fan-fiction
Specific Ideas: A girl with red hair on the front. Everything behind her is dark and foggy/misty


Accepted! Please, complete the payment. :blush:


Awesome! Payment Completed!



Here you go! Please let me know if you want any changes or if you’re not going to use it. If do use it, credit me in the description / summary.


I’ll deliver it by tomorrow at most!


That’s great! Thank you very much! :smiley:


Title: Heart Of The Ride
Author/Username: J. Krabb
Colour scheme: fallish colors
Theme/Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Images/References/Examples: this is the link to the ones I have now, except I decided to change the title again. As long as you think it fits, you can take all your creative input into the cover.
Specific Ideas: NEEDS a horse and girl, preferably a silhouette (NOT RIDING preferably, if she is riding, it needs to be a western saddle and barrel racing)


Thanks I like it. :smiley_cat: Can you make me version that is 600*800


Would those dimensions be okay for wattpad though? Anyway, I’m glad! Here you go; I’ve resized it.



I’m sorry I have to deny as I don’t think I’ll be able to do your cover justice. Please, request somewhere else :blush:


Thanks so much.


F O R M:
Title: Sugar and Vinegar
Author/Username : shootingformoons2001
Colour scheme: Red, black, grey, white or purple, black, grey or yellow or anything you can come up with. It doesn’t really matter, to be honest.
Theme/Genre: Poetry (basically a bunch of random poems of different moods)

Specific Ideas: Bloody hands, a bottle of sugar and vinegar, a chandelier, breaking/broken bottles or cups, a worn down book, a rose, broken glass with blood on it, an old camera


Accepted! Please, complete the payment. :blush:


Payment complete:)


I hope this is to your liking. If you want any changes or won’t use it at all, please let me know :blush:


I’ll deliver it by tomorrow at most! :slight_smile:



Honestly, I’m not really satisfied with this and have no idea if this is what you really want, but the images you provided weren’t really working together. I tried various covers but this was the best outcome. Sorry if you don’t like it, completely understandable!

If you want any changes or aren’t gonna use it, pls let me know. If you do use it, pls credit me in the description / summary.