moon lovers; c l o s e d



I will use it, for sure! It looks great, to be honest :slight_smile:
Question: Can I request another cover, too? I’d do the payment again, of course


I’m happy to hear that!
And yes, of course (: just fill out the form and upon acceptance, do the payment; applied to the first chapter now. :sparkling_heart:


F O R M:
Title: Instinct
Author/Username : pastel-boi-
Colour scheme:
Theme/Genre: Werewolf, teen, coming of age, love/heartbreak, royalty
Specific Ideas: a girl with pink hair would be nice, If not that’s fine :slight_smile:


F O R M:
Title: Reading Requests and Feedback
Author/Username : shootingformoons2001
Colour scheme: Any
Theme/Genre: Random

I’m open to other pictures!
Specific Ideas: A pile of books, a pen, a laptop, literally anything is okay. I’m 100% open to ideas.


Accepted! Please, complete the payment :blush:


Accepted! Please, complete the payment :smile:


Payment complete :smile:


I’ll deliver it by tmrw at most! :sparkling_heart:


Amazing Thank you!!


Thank you! You can take longer if you need, though



Here you go! If you want any changes or won’t use it, please let me know. If you do use, please credit me in the description / summary.


Omg, this looks so great. I just realized all my book’s cover have this same color scheme, too, so that’s great! I’ll use it!


i’m glad to hear that! :blush:


this past week or two i’ve been making graphics on the iOS photoshop (an incomplete/ not full version since that’s not yet available) app, but now that i’m back on my repaired laptop; i’ve put up my examples of graphics i used to make off of wattpad. from now on, i hope to make better covers.
request away ~


These covers are so good for something made on IOS Photoshop. You’re so talented!


reminder: please, complete the payment if you want me to start on your cover.


aw tysm! <3


Reminder: pls complete your payment so I can start working on your cover.


Graphic Type: You decide (:
Title - Full Contamination
Author - Nicole V
Genre - Terror/Romance/Action
colors/theme - Dont really have anything in mind
Ideas - I want something that includes zombies, terror, maybe a girl or a couple, and some kind of uniqueness that attracts readers. The couple or girl just an idea since within the story is a little bit of romance. Thank you!


So, a couple is in a zombie apocalypse? A dark romance, yes? Would you prefer a dark color scheme or a light one?