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completing it today and right now please forgive me for late reply.


Alright :blush:
Once it’s done I’ll start on the cover <3


Well I mean it is more about survival but yes I guess a dark theme is fine, I am just out of ideas to be honest


Okay, I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:
Accepted! Please, complete the payment


Payment Completed


Hi there Ms. Cherry Blussoms! You left some comments on my story, and so I immediately thought of you when I decided to revise the cover. I had another Wattpadder advise me that my current cover wasn’t very eye catching, and didn’t seem to really give a good idea or mood of the story, so I’m hoping you can help me out with some new ideas? Especially since you already read some of it, and have seen my original cover. :slight_smile:

F O R M:
Graphic type : Edit: Cover! :slight_smile:
Minimal or simple or inbetween : Pretty simple, I don’t like lots of different images and clutter and stuff. I like low complexity, high impact. :smiley:
Title: Real Monsters Go Berserk
Subtitle: N/A
Author/Username : Sarah Sokol
Colour scheme: Green and possibly red, or black? But I don’t want it to look Christmasy, so probably just green and black.
Theme/Genre: Paranormal, sort of… psychological/violence/romance, main characters are a Druid and a Shapeshifter.
Images/References/Examples: There is a lot of talk about eyes, and eye contact in the book, as well as green fire which represents the characters’ connection with Nature and the Wild. I was thinking something to do with like… pairs of eyes, and green fire, maybe? Or a woman’s silhouette with green fire burning at the center?
Specific Ideas: Below are some images that kind of have a vibe I’m liking, but I’m super openminded, I am just bad at design and I want it to catch the eye! Please don’t use any of these actual images because I don’t think they’re stock photos. :stuck_out_tongue:

Side note: This story does have a werewolf in it, but it is not a werewolf book, so I prefer not to have wolves on the cover. :slight_smile:

Let me know if I’m too troublesome of a customer! :smiley: I’ll review your story regardless.






here you go! please let me know if you want any changes or won’t be using it; if you do use it, please credit me in the description / summary.


im glad you thought of me haha makes me happy. i hope i do justice to your cover then since i’ve read the (amazing) story.
thank you so much for the detailed information and the images for references ~
you’re accepted! please, complete the payment (if you’ve already reviewed the prologue then the next chapter is fine; up to you.)


Will do! I’m in progress as we speak. :slight_smile:


Finished! <3


I’ll deliver it by tmrw at most! :heart:


Thanks! I’m excited, but don’t feel rushed. :slight_smile: <3


here you go!
i hope it’s to your liking ~ if you want any changes or wont be using it, please let me know; if you use it, please credit me in the description / summary.
(honestly feel like i haven’t done justice to ur cover at all bc it’s way off from your ideas, but i really couldn’t find any pictures like that which would blend well together or look good enough to be a cover omg sorry :sob: )


Thank you so much for your help! I feel like the floating leaves and stuff is really cool.

I don’t think it’s exactly the idea I was kinda going for, though… I think I would prefer something much more simple. I’m sorry to make you go through the work! I just don’t think I’ll be using it. :frowning:

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to say thanks for your work!


Graphic type signature
Minimal or simple or inbetween : in-between
Title: Moon on Fire
Subtitle: The night sky is our grave.
Author/Username : Luna
Colour scheme: A dark palette with spots of glowing, vibrant colours would suit it best, I think? So, blacks and golds or indigo? Reds? I don’t mind!
Theme/Genre: Dark fantasy

Not specifically these as these are going to be so time consuming and I wouldn’t wish this much effort on anybody, especially on me- but they do have the kind of ‘evil yet magical yet powerful yet mysterious’ aesthetic I’m hoping for

Specific Ideas: I’m thinking somebody without their face exactly showing to keep it ambiguous since I haven’t exactly chosen a faceclaim yet. For example, a close-up of their arm, and a symbol kind of ‘tattooed’ (or, a better word for it is ‘scarred’) onto their skin. The symbol being a (glowing with any colour you think would suit it) crescent moon with the curve facing the left and a line slashing straight through it. If that doesn’t make sense I can offer a sketch of it! If that’s too time-consuming, In the book, the antagonist wears a black cloak and his eyes glow a blue-violet/indigo when he taps into his demonic side. The main character is described as having red hair, but honestly I’m not too sure if that’s the image that suits her best, so I’m happy with whatever fc and I can conform the descriptions to fit the signature if necessary. I am leaning towards Kristine Froseth for my main character, but again, I don’t really mind!

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I hope you accept!


It’s alright! No need to apologise haha.
I can give it another try if you want? I’ll deliver it in a few hours and if it’s still not what you’re looking for, you can request somewhere else, if that’s okay? I just feel really bad haha :sob::sparkling_heart:


There’s no need to feel bad at all, hehe, I probaby wasn’t super clear on what I wanted either. :stuck_out_tongue: I went ahead and tried to make one that’s a bit more simple already and I think I like how it turned out? If you see it and feel like you could make cool changes to improve it I’d appreciate that, but otherwise I think it’s okay. :slight_smile: And seriously no need to feel bad.


Accepted! Please, complete the payment :blush:
(Also, just to confirm some things: the fc has red hair, yes? The fc could be anyone who suits the sig? Or do you want to provide pictures of anyone you have in mind? Should I go with whatever looks best?)


Ohh, yes that’s really pretty yet simple; simple, but effective :blush: