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Hi there, I love your covers! I hope it’s okay to use a template that I already put together!

Title: Seventh Heaven
Author: Alexander Yakovlev
Summary: Sam is burdened with the death of his mother and his constant blackouts - that is, until he meets Hana. As he begins to overcome the struggles of his life, the truth of his past unfolds, and it is darker than he could ever imagine.
Mood/Genre/Colors: Dark. Black being the primary colour, and the two protagonists (Sam and Hana) to be on the cover. I have an existing cover on my Wattpad profile (AVYofficial), which can be used as an example of what I am looking for, just with different faces.
Ideas: Jimin, Jin or Jungkook (from BTS) and Jisoo or Jennie (from BLACKPINK)
Inspo/Pics*: image image image image image ![image|500x444] image (upload://pfD0DagB5gisykSYv4Pv7ThQ7tV.jpeg)


hi thank u for the compliment. And, I’ll have to deny. I’ve noticed that you’ve already requested this exact cover form on other graphic shops and since I don’t condone thread hopping, I’ll be denying it. Please keep in mind that no designer appreciates thread hopping which is requesting from multiple graphic shops. Please be respectful, thank you.


Would it be possible to request a different kind of cover in that case? I want to have a few different options that I can choose from , based on which cover I like most.


No, that’s not possible. That is thread hopping. Please don’t go around requesting the same graphic everywhere as no designer appreciates that; it comes off as disrespectful and unappreciative of the designers making the graphics. You could tell the designer you won’t be using it after delivery if the cover isn’t what you’re looking for and then request it from someone else.


F O R M:
Graphic type (whether it’s a cover, a signature, a chapter image or moodboard you’re requesting): Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween : Somewhere inbetween would be good
Title: Wings
Subtitle: Book 1
Author/Username : Lauren Sophie
Colour scheme: cool tones ideally, e.g. grey and blue
Theme/Genre: teen fic/fantasy
Specific Ideas: Possible like a silhouette of a girl on a background of clouds? The story is about a girl who discovers she’s part angel so anything hinting to that would also be good, like light surrounding her or something?


Accepted! Please complete the payment :blush:


Thanks! Completed :slight_smile:


Will be delivered within a day or two :blush:


I’ll do it now! Thank you so much for accepting!

The character has red hair so it’d be ideal if the fc does too, and I do think it would be better if the facial features weren’t completely ‘noticeable’, if that makes sense? But, I do have some fc’s in mind! Kristine Froseth, Katherine McNamara, or Holland Roden (when she was younger, since the main character is only 17; think Lydia Martin, Teen Wolf). If you find someone that you think suits the sig better and also mildly carries on the theme of red-haired/strawberry-blonde teenager, or even if you find someone who just suits the sig, I can change up my main character to fit it if need be!


Payment is complete!


hii i gave it a go again; a simpler one this time (honestly, it was self indulgent lol and omg this feels too simple to me but i went according to how simple ur recent cover is)
if u wanna use it, u can (if u want any changes, lmk) c:


will be delivered within a day or two :blush:


here you go ~
if you want any changes or wont be using it, please let me know; if you do use it, please credit me in the summary / description :blush:


Whoa. That picture is so cool and eerie… I love the simplicity of it. :open_mouth:

Do you mind if I save it and think about it for a bit? If I decide to go with it I will totally message and credit you?


That’s completely fine :blush:


Your cover has been delivered 2 days ago so please let me know if you’re going to use it or not otherwise it will turn into a premade


actually nevermind, i’ve seen you have a new cover and requested it from someone else… .__.
u could’ve at least TOLD me; if you didn’t want to use the cover i made, a simple reply would suffice and i wont mind it at all. that’s so disrespectful honestly as i state i dont condone thread hopping and for people to be respectful, but whatever. you’re muted x


Sorry for the wait. Payment Complete.


hii sorry for the wait!
here it is ~ i’m sure this isn’t what you wanted :c but i really spent two days trying to find fitting pictures which could go well with your theme but in the end these are what i ended up with T__T
if you want any changes or wont be using it, please let me know; if you do use it, please credit me :blush:


Graphic type: Signature
Minimal/simple/inbetween: In-between or simple—either of these is fine.
Title: Happy Blue
Author/Username: FlowerFunerals
Colour scheme: Mostly blues—some pinks/purples are also acceptable. But blue is the primary color.
Theme/Genre: Drama, LGBT romance (but an unhealthy romance), there’s a lot of focus on alcoholism and depression
Images/References/Examples: Here’s a few covers, just to show the kind of mood I want. (I still want this to be a signature. I’m just using these covers as examples.)
Happy%20Blue%204 Happy%20Blue%207

Happy%20Blue%2010 Happy%20Blue%208

Happy%20Blue%209 Happy%20Blue%206

Specific Ideas: Is it alright if I give you a little bit of creative freedom with this? You can either have the focus be alcohol, or give it more of a painty feel–acrylics, watercolor, etc. You can mix those two concepts together if you want, but you can just go for one or the other instead—I don’t mind. I want the overall tone to be dark and moody. If you decide to put a guy on the signature (which you really don’t have to), then I’d want his face to not be shown—either his face is censored, covered by a hoodie, his head is turned away, etc.

Sorry if this sounds a bit overwhelming haha. But the main things I want are pretty much just this: a dark, moody theme, a mainly blue color palette, and with either alcohol or art as the focus, or both. A guy on the signature is optional. Be creative with this if you want!