moon lovers; c l o s e d



actually, would you be willing to do a banner instead, or are you currently not accepting those kind of requests?


if you could let me know what exactly is a banner then yes i suppose haha
i mean, like the banners in my examples given? or are banners used for wattpad different? if so, could i get some examples, please? (im new to the graphics community on wattpad so im a bit confused)


It looks very similar to a signature I suppose, but the size is larger. Someone made me a banner awhile ago and it was about 1000 x 500, maybe a little smaller. The size varies, really.


As an example, here’s a banner @gentlefiend made me! :wink: (I’m not replacing your banner gentlefiend, I’m just looking for another one)


Ohh, okayyy. I’ll give it a try but since I’m not very confident about it, you’re semi accepted which basically means you can do the payment upon delivery and if you use it.

Should I go with the same canvas size as the one in your example or do you want a different size?



Here you go ~ if you want any changes or won’t use it, please let me know; if you do use it, please credit me in the summary / description :blush:


Alright, thank you :slight_smile:
You can go with the same size as the example, I don’t mind at all.


It’s honestly so beautiful? How are you this talented omg? It’s properly amazing and I’m genuinely so impressed wihtuhgauifj the only thing is that the font is a bit hard to read- do you think you might be able to change it? i absolutely adore everything else about it and i’d really love to use it, so thank you so much!


im glad you like it! :sparkling_heart:
change the font for all the words or just one of them?


Reminder: your cover has been delivered; please claim it


I feel like the ‘Moon’ and the ‘on’ is a bit hard to read, plus the organisation of the words look a little odd- but absolutely everything else is perfect. I love the glowing and the vibes and gah it’s just so perfect!


It looks so good! Thank you! Will definitely be using it.


I found some fonts that I think might suit it! There’s one that I know by name which I think is going to be the easiest to do, so this one maybe?

there’s these fonts but i feel like there might be too much effort to find something like them :

also, do you know the name of the model you used? She captures the character perfectly to the point where i literally gasped out loud when i saw it- i just cant get over how perfect this signature is


sure, i’ll give it a try!
aah, honestly i have no idea but i’ll try to find out if i can ~


here you go ~
please complete the payment c:
lmk if you want any changes or wont be using it and if you do use it, please credit me <3



here you go ~
also i have no idea who the girl is; i got it from a models stock pack so :woman_shrugging:
here’s the full pic if you need it: a7d56bffe268a46cd7f039e921a338d7


I love the background for this, and I especially love the color palette! I do have a few nitpicks, if you don’t mind. Could you flip the title a bit, so that “happy” is on top and “blue” is on the bottom? I also wouldn’t mind if you took my name out altogether so that the only text is the title. I’m not sure if I like the guy on the left? It’s kind of hard to tell what it is at first haha. I love the background so much and I wouldn’t mind at all if you just got rid of the guy on the left and had the title take up most of the space. But if you want to search for another “model” that you think might work, then I’m totally fine with that too. Again, thank you for this!!


Sure, that’s no problem at all! I’ll make the changes and deliver it by tmrw :blush:




Haha im happy that you like it! :sparkling_heart: