moon lovers; c l o s e d



F O R M:
Graphic type: Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween : I don’t know, perhaps something inbetween
Title: Looking to the Western sky
Author/Username : J.L.Potter
Colour scheme: Greens, black, light greys and light blues
Theme/Genre: Romance
Images/References/Examples: image
These are the main characters so maybe use them?
Specific Ideas: The story is inspired by Wicked the musical, set in a theatre. It follows Paige (The first picture) who is an actress who plays Glinda from Wicked and her meeting, fighting and learning with Rosa (the second picture) who plays Elphaba so maybe have them on the cover but I don’t really have any idea so I’m cool with anything really :blush:


I would accept if you could be a bit more specific? Or if you could provide with examples of covers you want it to be like? Just a little more detail and what you want in it to be please otherwise I’ll have to deny because I don’t think I have any inspiration for it yet c:



here you go ~
if you want any changes or wont be using it, please let me know; if you do use it, please credit me c:


Ok, other ideas could be a dark cover with Paige being surrounded by roses? or something like these? image image image image
I hope this helps! :sparkling_heart:


Okay, I can give it a try! Since I’m not fully confident if I’ll be able to make one worth delivery, you’re semi - accepted, which means you can do the payment upon delivery, but if I can’t do anything about the cover, I’ll let you know and you can request from somewhere else after that ^—^


Ok, thank you, if I think of anything that will help I’ll be sure to message you.:blush:


Thank you! I like the last one, but could you get rid of the yellow and red that’s behind the title? Sorry for all the trouble !


im glad you like it and here you go ~ c:


Thank you! Love it :slight_smile:


I’ll be crediting you in the chapter where I use it (chapter 2), if that’s alright


yes, that’s fine :blush:


hi, please claim your cover; lmk if you’ll use it or not within tomorrow or else it will turn into a premade.


here you go ~
please lmk if you want any changes or wont be using it; if you use it, please credit me c:
also, please complete the payment :blush:


Awh, your covers look like an amazing acid trip ahahaha beautiful!


Minimal or simple or inbetween : In-between
Title: Castle Oblivion
Subtitle: Embrace the Darkness
Author/Username : M.C. Kapo
Colour scheme: Not bright and happy colors, but also not terribly dark, in between. Reds/Purples/Pinks/Black
Theme/Genre: Dark Fantasy/Supernatural


Specific Ideas: uhm… im not sure. maybe leave it up to you ? :frowning:


Haha, an acid trip :rofl: that’s actually such an accurate summary of them. Thank you! :sparkling_heart: Also, is it necessary to have the characters on the cover?


Nope, it is not (: I actually dont usually like people on covers, like with supernatural stories, because they all end up looking so similar… haha
anyway (:


You’re semi accepted :blush: which means you can complete the payment upon delivery <3


Sorry, haven’t been on in a few days! I don’t think I’ll be using it, I think it’s just a bit too bright whereas the book itself is more dark themed so I think it might be a bit misleading. Thanks though!


wings image full%20contamination1

these are premades so if anyone wants them please let me know c:


ahh, nevermind, you’re denied as you already requested from few other cover shops; i dont condone thread hopping.