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anyone… please… u__u


hii ur cover has been delivered, pls claim it soon :sparkling_heart:


Graphic type: Cover
Minimal or simple or inbetween: Inbetween
Title: Alyss
Subtitle: vlermuis kronieke #1
Author/Username: Michelle du Toit
Colour scheme: blue and red (3D effect)
Theme/Genre: vampire romance
Something like this
With this effect
Specific Ideas: I want a subtle 3d effect like in the picture above. The cover should just be a textured or black background and any pic of Katie McGrath

If you accept would you be willing to make covers for #2 and #3 as well all that would change would be the face claim and title?


Accepted! Please, complete the payment :blush:
I’ll do the covers for the following books 2 and 3 if you like and use the cover I’ll deliver for this one c:


Graphic type (whether it’s a cover, a signature, a chapter image or moodboard you’re requesting):
Minimal or simple or inbetween : Somewhere in between
Title: Small Wonder
Author/Username : Cory Matthews
Colour scheme: Pink or white


This cover I love.

The first picture
Specific Ideas: The title around her or a bar code in the background. I like the first pic in the Guess ad the most.


It’s a cover you’re requesting, yes?
I can give it a try so you’re semi-accepted which means you can do the payment upon delivery since I’m not all that confident about this so if I can’t make a satisfactory enough cover worth delivery, I’ll let you know and you can then request from someone else :blush:


Cover yes. Thank you!


Yay thank you!!


Payment completed!!! :wink:


Payment complete.


That looks amazing, but if possible could you just put the western sky under the looking to the? and I’ll do the payment now


here you go ~
please let me know if you want any changes or won’t be using it; if you do use it, please credit me in the summary / description c:


im glad you like it! c:
here you go ~


here you go ~
wow this is so bad im so sorry T__T it’s just the pictures you provided weren’t working out and i couldnt find any fitting pictures of the faceclaim so… if u want a remake without the picture, just let me know of your ideas and i’ll do it bc this is truly so bad T__T
if you want any changes, let me know or if you won’t be using it; if you do use it, please credit me in the summary / description c:


It’s okay. I have a ton of stories up without covers. Want to try another one? Or have another pic for the cover?


Yes, it’d be great if I could get another clear, better quality picture! Then I can try with the faceclaim and without it, too. Just let me know of your ideas and link the pictures c:


I absolutely love it!!! Thank you !!


Thank you! I will definitely be using it, it’s beautiful :heart:


hii would you provide another picture or should i just go along with creating another cover without the faceclaim ?