More Writing Features Similar to Forums

Hyperlink, bullet points, subtitles, font size, etc.

Though I could see how annoying it would be to read when it’s improper and overused, I think it would be more helpful than harmful. I wrote some pages in word doc and screenshot it for WP just so I can have subtitles. Hierarchy is necessary.

As old as WP is, I’m surprised it’s not here. Is there a specific reason it hasn’t been added?

Wattpad can barely handle what it already has… what new breeds of glitches would we see if these were all implemented? :sweat_smile:

Kidding; I love this idea. I’d make use of several of those if they were available!


Lol…I’m relatively new to wattpad. I also hardly use the app. I just wanted more formatting options. Especially since this simple forum-style text box has been around for well over a decade. It’s old technology. I assumed it would have been a default.


Wattpad will always add new features. Several years after their competitors.


Yeah, having colors would be nice. I have a story right now that would benefit if font colors would be added.

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