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1. Here are some places you can find some high quality pictures: one, two, three, four
2. You can find inspiration here (these would help me make your graphic): one, two, three, four
3. Websites where you can find colour scheme, these are especially needed when requesting a minimal cover: one, two
4. Using those links would increase your chances of getting accepted
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requesting aesthetic

6 [ ] 8[ ] 9[x]

Character [x] Story[ ]


Link to story*: here

Mood/Colours:Reds,Black,Orange. Fire colors

[center]Pics: you can use alternatives or whatever you think best but pics of a talisman, images of fire, motels, money and guns. you can find a lot of inspo here [/center] the talisman is from the show Nowhere Boys. basically, i wanted to portray a story about two young couples finding each other in love but the girl needs his money so she robbed him and left him until she found out he was her aligned element.

Ideas: hehe i kind of said it above lol sorry i got carried away

Anything else: nowhere boys currently :heart: and thanks hehe


requesting cover

Manip [x ] Simple[ ] Minimal[ ] Vector[ ]


Subtitle*: Something dark has awaken in him

Author: fanficlander, skinnylegend215, and JadedLabyrinth

Genre: Fanfiction, Mystery, Dark

Link to story*: none right now

Mood/Colours: dark , gloomy, and bloody/murderous. dark red/white/black

[center]Inspo/Pics: This character played by Matt Cornett has two sides so I want you to portray that in the cover. His psychotic half is hiding behind him covered in darkness with a murderous look on his face , is also holding a knife behind. His other half which is his normal half is in the front. Blood Splatter in the background .
Psycho inspired cover

Pictures of Matt Cornett you could use

Anything else:This is a High School Musical The Musical The Series au fanfic. One of my favorite shows I recommend for you to watch is Dark.



please complete any one of the payment options x

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done x and thanks


if there’s anything you’d like to be changed, please inform me x

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thank you and no hun, this is perfect x

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graphics? Si? Nein?

requesting gif

Single [ ] Pack[x]

Face Claim: Harry Shum Jr, Dominic Sherwood, Halsey, Emilia Clarke, Billie Eilish (not necessary to include any of these, I just think they’d fit the gifs)

Text*: 1 - would you bleed for me? | 2 - n/a | 3- n/a | 4 - I like to think that I’m immortal | 5 - part of your righteous vision |

Ideas: 1- angel wings, light/dark representation, blood, two people kissing | 2 - a couple fighting, their backs facing each other | 3 - closing eyes, someone standing on a ledge | 4 - a knife (held to a person’s throat), fighting, panicked breathing | 5 - someone making pottery, a plus sized woman

Colour scheme: Dark tones!

Mood: Dark, a little bit of arrogance

Gifs to use (highly rec): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Anything else: The Witcher. I love your graphics! I’ll be requesting later for a banner :slight_smile:

requesting banner

Manip [x] Simple[x] Minimal[ ]

Title: Kepler-168F

Subtitle*: “A story of survival and defying social standards” OR, if you would prefer, “thanks for reading!”

Author: Anna Weckert

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy

Link to story*:✔️

Mood/Colours: This palette would be lovely

Inspo/Pics: My two MCs - the faceclaims are Alisha Wainwright and Dylan Hasselbaink. A reference to space (the story is set on another planet), possibly with a spaceship or a space suit - they do not need to wear a spacesuit on the new planet, but it was necessary to travel through space. A reference to nuclear weapons would be great as well - possibly use the mushroom cloud effect.

Anything else: The Witcher. Feel free to be creative with this. This will be the footer banner for my story - I’m totally happy to send through the introduction banners (which show the POVs for the chapter) if you would like as well.

requesting cover

Manip [ x ] Simple[ ] Minimal[ ] Vector[ ]

Title: His Proposal: The Wedding

Subtitle*: N/a

Author: Dredge

Genre: General Fiction

Link to story*: this

Mood/Colours: Happy/romantic

[center]Inspo/Pics: Barbara Palvin in a wedding dress and Stuart Reardon in a tux. image image image image image image image

Anything else: Supergirl.

Hello, do you have any banner examples?