Most Embarrassing Moments



Oh I did. Boy, the poor guy almost started to cry :joy::joy::joy:


LoL. Ikr :laughing:


The following incident is kinda vulgar. So uptight pricks should back off right now. You were warned.

This is something that happened to my friend (and I’m glad it wasn’t me).
A bunch of guys were playing ‘pen fight’. It’s a stupid game in which you have to knock ur opponent’s pen off the table using ur pen. My friend lost a match and his pen soared into the bag of a girl sitting ahead. Now, my friend is really awkward around girls. So while asking her to return the pen he spoke too quickly and it came out like ," Hey, my pen*s in ur bag."
Her reply made it even worse. She said, “I won’t give it back.”
Everyone cracked up and for the rest of the year he was always asked, “Did u get ur ‘pen’ back or is it still in her ‘bag’?”

PS: They sneaked the pen out when she wasn’t looking.


Having sex in my friends wedding (the closet) someone needed paper towels to pick up throw up. The person came in the closet and that was the end of me.


That was…wild to an extent that I can only imagine. Perhaps, its even beyond the scope of my limited imagination.


:joy::joy::joy::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: stop it is until this day embarrassing. I only did it because he was teasing me and stuff under the table.


Lol😀 what happened after u got caught tho? Was the person like, “Oops, wrong door. I’ll just go away.”


no :tired_face:
It was the pastor!!
After that i felt like repenting and my mans didnt even care!


Must have been terrible. I hope u got over it. But a person will probably never get over such things…
At least u got a good story out of it. :wink:


At the end of the day everybody found out!!!
Like it was a pastor for crying out loud


Did they make u say 10 Hail Marys?


no…i wanted to leave right away. we did eventually after the cake cutting because i was getting stares


That sounds like something straight out of a movie!


WELL ITS NOT…Dont even try it…It does sound like an movie but this stuff do happen.


after that I cried all the way at home!..and he thought it was funny


Oh my God :joy::joy::joy:


Oh god :joy::joy:


I know…I know. I dont want to talk about it again :sob::sweat:


His poor soul…


Poor dude, did he get a nickname too?