Most surprising country you've had a reader from?



Has anyone opened up their Demographics analytic, then seen a new reader, and seeing they came from somewhere you could never have suspected? If so, then i’d love to know. What’s the most unexpected place you’ve had a reader from?

I’ll say mine first. I never even knew Slovakia was a country until i got a reader from there :joy:Now i just feel dumb, lol


Anywhere out of America wows me but I think my coolest was Australia Nigeria New Zeleand and most shocking Japan, Brazil cause its like… wait, does wattpad translate?


Wow, you’ve had a lot of unexpected places. I’ve only had Brazil and Australia out of your list. Yeah it’s interesting, i don’t think Wattpad translates, but they have the translate option on the browser so they could translate the text to their language i suppose


There were a few more but those are the ones that came to my head It was really cool I only have like 12 followers so it made me excited to know strangers were reading my book


Wow that’s impressive! It really feels good when random people from another country reads your stuff.

I’ve got Germany too, but that didn’t come to mind. Congrats :slight_smile:


Had a Kurdish reader for Both the Hunter and the Hunted Rely on God, an English-language story about a female peshmerga fighter clearing Daesh snipers in Iraq.


Well I unpublished I hope they come back when I republish the revamp


I did the same thing. I unpublished the story with my Brazillian reader because i didn’t want to trick people (it only had a disclaimer, because it was mature) Just got to hope they come back


Woah, that’s really intense




Ditto for India. 11% of my readers come from there, half as many as my native U.S.

I mean, I guess it makes a sort of sense. Most of the countries I tracked in were English-speaking or close to, and India has a larger population than the rest combined. I’m just amused at the thought of people halfway around the world getting into my Nanowrimo experiment.


eh, wouldn’t really consider india as unlikely, given that it has a population of over 1 billion people, many of whom speak english as a second language


You and @Arkotract,

Brazil teaches English in school. They don’t speak it very well, but reading may be easier.


Hello I am Australian


Not only that, but since most native languages in India are regional, some national media defaults to English.


true, true, many of their sports channels are in english (with some golden commentators, at that)



My story is about queer astronauts soooo… Wasn’t expecting that. :shrug:


My story has an Asian trans woman and it ranks in India. No wait, they have hijras, this makes sense.


Me too :slight_smile:


India is the 2nd most populated country so approx. 125 million people speak English. We have a lot of schools and colleges where English is the primary language. We also watch American and British shows and movies. There are many Indian writers on Wattpad too. Also, we have to know English when it comes to getting a job in the cities because there are a lot of multinational companies.
Not that anyone asked, I’m just sharing this because people do seem surprised when they see Indians reading or writing on this site.