Most surprising country you've had a reader from?



Where abouts?


So, I write very very very gay stuff. With explicit sex scenes. And I have a dedicated reader from Saudi Arabia.

I get a lot of readers from nations where homosexuality isn’t accepted at all. I’m glad they can get some gay content and hopefully, if they themselves are queer, won’t feel too alone.


I’m in Townsville: Queensland. Yourself?


That’s really good for them, at least they can come onto this website and get a break from all the things they’d experience on a day-to-day basis. Even better to you for creating content for them :slight_smile:


I hope so. I just checked again and now Iraq has popped up too! At least here they should get a break. :smile:


Had a reader from the United Arab Emirates on an extremely gay story. Hope they’re doing well.


I had readers from a lot of countries, but was surprised when I saw that people read my books from Mongolia even if it were only 2 or 3 readers. It warmed my heart when I saw that because I love the country :blush:


gold coast


almost the same, I feel im out growing the original name of it so just revamping



i’m kidding. Kenya. Maybe Iceland. Not so much ‘unlikely’ as surprising to see. Philippine and Indian readers, I have long discovered are a majority presence on the internet.


It’s not supposed to be unlikely. It’s supposed to be surprising, I never thought my book would get read from somewhere across the world.


The Philippines surprised me the most, but the fact that most of my readers were from the US is kinda shocking I write pretty niche stuff from my country and I wasn’t sure if people abroad would be able to enjoy it that much


i still don’t see how surprising getting reads from say, india or the phillipines is, given the english-speaking population in both



I mean, I have a lot of second language English speakers from Philippines, Indonesia, Romania, Italy and France (Mostly because I allow translations of my books in those languages so the people who speak English come to my profile to read the complete stories instead of waiting for translation updates.), but Wattpad is technically banned in China and I kinda feel happy someone likes my stuff enough to use VPN to access it. :joy:


Really not worth explaining.