I did. :smile:

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Last step: please sign the pledge


Oooh thank you for tagging me! Seriously debating considering technically I need to focus more on Rise, but by April I’ll only be like 25k in so I doubt I’ll be able to finish it in a month (considering it’s estimated at 200k+ finished). I could probably do Wicked Little Creatures in a month if I pushed myself (and I’d love to) but Rise is supposed to be my main project…

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Just do it already! You really need it – here’s your chance


Well trying to write 175k in 31 days might kill me XD I could do it with Wicked Little Creatures but I’m debating over whether it’s a responsible decision to push Rise aside for a month since it’s the one I’m supposed to focus on a little more

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oh god, i know that pain. my first draft of my first manuscript is over 250k (which i’ll split later on) but it’s definitely a killer haha

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Sorry, I won’t be joining in… I have too many variables going on and I wouldn’t be able to successfully complete the challenge

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XD The first book, Tide, ended at 175k and I’m estimating Rise to be 200k+. Exactly how long remains to be seen but it’s gonna be massive

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I promise, I’ll finish my novel, please have mercy :pleading_face:

Jokes aside. I’ve tasked myself with 3 x novels to self-pub this year. Book 1 is already into chapter 2 :grin:


Seriously, I’m going to have to bulk post to Wattpad and write in word entirely.
This white is too :winterstars:dazzling.:winterstars:


Hahaha I’ve never written directly on Wattpad. I always copy paste off of Word


That is a lot. Are these written yet?


Smart move. I tend to type in Wattpad and paste to Google docs or vice-versa since most of the time I’m using my phone or tablet. Then I spend some time revising and fixing up via docs when I’m on big PC.

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I’m way too paranoid to type in Wattpad. Everything goes on Word and is saved on both my computer and a flashdrive, and then pasted into Wattpad as each chapter is finished


Pretty ambitious I know. One book is already completed in draft, so it’s easy enough to revise and go. Another is half-way in, so I should be able to complete by the time the Wattys kick in. The other I don’t know. I might use Nanowrimo for this one.


Are you self-publishing self-publishing? Like for sale? Because I’m releasing 2 books this year and they were both finished ahead of time and it’s still a crunch to get them out


Yep. I just released one this year. No sales yet, understandable since readers can read for free here. I just like the fun of making books and seeing my stories listed in Kobo and Google Play.


Wait, sorry, I’m confused but it might be because I’m tired and have a headache XD You published one already this year and are planning on publishing 3 more?

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XD. I published Zaldizko on the 15th Feb.

I plan on doing 2 x others sometime around 2020.


Oooh okay. Congrats! Who are you publishing through? Did you do physical and ebook or just ebook?

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