I did the manuscript formatting and cover design work myself. I updated the manuscript and cover to Amazon KDP for paperback on demand printing. I use Publish Drive and Draft2Digital for ebook stores. Their fees are reasonable since you’re only paying for their hosting and channel distribution services. They take their fees out of the sales.

[edit: I did the formatting for both ebook and print.]


Nice. I publish through KDP and I like it, but am planning on looking into Draft2Digital, I’ve heard good things about it

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For eBook distribution, I find them very easy to use. Now they distribute to Google Play although their cut will be slightly higher than the others since Google price demands is at the root of it. I’ve used D2D for a while and have no problems with them.


Nice. What percentage do they take?

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10% of the retail price, although I think Google Play may drive the cost higher. I haven’t really looked at this option yet for them.

Publish Drive is also 10% of the retail price.

I use both for channel distribution reaches, since Publish Drive delivers more to European retailers. D2D is great for US, Canada, UK and some Asian retailers.


Oh, that’s not bad at all

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Not bad. Considering you don’t pay a thing up front. They’re really going on the assumption that you’re book will sell. Making up the assumption with marketing packages and anything else they do on the side.
I’m kind of bad for their business since my books don’t sell XD :grin:


Aw, what kind of marketing do you do?

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Noooo… XD


I’m interested… but the only novel I’m writing is a short story.

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At the moment, anything that doesn’t cost money XD. I’m planning to do an ad on Goodreads that tends to last for ages and Google ads. Twitter is my main tool since it reaches out to people the fastest and it’s free (unless I pay a campaign). I won’t do Facebook, been hacked from that site too many times.


Fair enough XD I can’t work Twitter to save my life and ads have never worked for me but I have an Instagram and website that both seem to work really well

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I’m down :blush:


Instagram is good for getting interest. I post extract from my WP story to instagram. Seems to attract attention, then again, people tend to use auto-likers a lot in IG. So, I don’t know if they really saw the post or not.


It seems to work well for me. I’ve gotten quite a few sales from it, as far as I can tell

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Oh i might be back for April.

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That’s fine, you can still join if you want!

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I want to join but don’t trust myself lol
(I’m very v indecisive so imma take my time :smile:)

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Well I won’t be able to complete the challenge due to the busy schedule I have~
(nooo just procrastination! jk jk >.>)
So unless i am a fan of coming in the wall of shame, I won’t be joining haha XD