Movies Everyone Disagrees with you on

Finally there’s someone who understands how I feel! That movie makes me wanna pull my eyes out.

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I find it a living, breathing definition of the term ‘secondhand embarrassment’ :joy:

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The Revenant

I’ve seen it twice. I won’t survive the third time.

I like the Star Wars prequels. And The Last Jedi.

Go on. Hit me.

Yes! I think I know what you mean.
The jokes are just not funny. It’s a total thong pulled from a dirty butthole.

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One movie I’m not really a fan of is the 2004 movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. As someone who saw the original Broadway version, the differences are just too glaring for me, especially the Red Death costume.

unlike most of my family, I hate I can only imagine. I think it’s over-dramatized bullshit that infulences people to stay in toxic/abusive relationships because they think “oh well what if god changes them” and I can’t stand watching that bullshit influence my life and people around me I care about into hurting themselves all because of a stupid motherfucking movie.

just because it’s based off of a “true story”. bitch, please.

I only watched it the whole way through because my favorite actor makes two cameo appearances.

The movie I loved as a kid was Atlantis…it’s what got me into fantasy and adventure.

Any musical movie ever (not counting Disney princess movies) is annoying as hell to me. I can’t stand people just breaking into song. But all musicals end up being everyone’s favorite thing when they come out.

Not very specific, I know. But everyone loved HSM, PotO, RENT and just the thought of them makes my ears want to bleed. I even fwded past the singing scenes trying to watch Glee back in the day.

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I remember that movie.

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Michael Crawford was a better singer than Gerard Butler anyways, and that’s saying something considering if you’ve ever seen him in anything outside of PoTO.

I don’t enjoy singing at all in films. I don’t even like Broadway.

As much as I love the little mermaid, I had zero interest in that program the other night

Mother was a brilliant movie. :movie_camera: Don’t at me. I said what I said. :joy:

There are two movies that I love, but others don’t. Probably because it involves the LGBTQ+ community. It’s Love Simon and Boy Erased. They are both good and emotional movies.

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I thought they were both pretty well-received.

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I’m not a big fan of the movie Bright, i respect Will Smith and think he’s a great actor but yeah i don’t like that movie at all.
Favorite movie everyone seems to hate first two Thor movies, i love them so much.

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