MS Help!

Okay I’m in the beginning of book 2 of a short story, but I don’t want to “Pad” it. :frowning:can I just intertwine the books and see where it goes?


I have a series with novels, novellas and short stories. I follow the semi-conventional publishing practice of numbering each longer work (novel or novella) with an interger and short stories with a decimal:

Book 0.5 -short story
Book 1 - novel
Book 2 - novella
Book 3 - novel
Book 3.5 - short story
Book 3.6 - short story
Book 3.7 - short story
Book 3.8 - short story
Book 4 - novel

In case it’s unclear, books 3.5 to 3.8 take place between books 3 and 4.

Thanks. :open_mouth: