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Hi, this is my first time posting a story on wattpad and I would like to receive some feedback. Positive or negative feedback is welcome. The name of my story is McKinley Military Academy and its a interracial romance with a little science fiction mixed into it.

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I’m not writing something that might be exactly multicultural romance, but I am writing a fantasy story in a slavic-inspired world, and the protagonist is a boy, the narrator, who is a (dark-skinned) cultural counterpart of eastern european kalderash romani/gypsies, while the woman (Who is the protagonist, if not the narrator) is more directly a cultural counter part of slavs (including the part of being fair-skinned, dark blonde, and light-eyed). Mostly, I try to explain it with both characters thinking they’re open-minded, fairly liberal people, but also discovering things about each other’s cultures.

I am writing a story that would be a contemporary romance as well as a multicultural romance. But since this is my first time I would really appreciate some feedback on my story.
It is contemporary because it is about today’s world where people have trust issues leading them to not believing in love.
It is multicultural because I would be having a French female protagonist and an American male protagonist.
Check out my book:

The title is a typo. :blush:

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