Multicultural Romance


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Testing the new community…

How do I tag “Multicultural romance” in two words? Wattpad only allows one word tags. So that could be:

  1. Multiculturalromance
  2. Multicultural_romance
  3. Multicultural-romance

Anyway is fine^^ as long it has the two words in it^^

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Why settle for normal?

Xue Ge is a delinquent who just transferred school. Beautiful girl that’s way out of his reach? No problem, Xue Ge likes a challenge. But what on earth is this weird boy named Matthias doing? What is he? What is autism? Why is everybody behaving so bonkers? What’s the world suddenly turning against him and his friends?

Xue Ge wasn’t prepared for a world of autism, racial identity, human rights and, of course, love triangles. Join Xue Ge, Jennifer and Matthias this truly Malaysian journey of teenage romance and fighting for your the ones you care about.

This novel series is written in a style appropriate for teenagers. Just don’t translate Xue Ge’s swearing :wink: For awareness purposes, it’s also appropriate for parents of kids with autism and/or who are LGBTQ.
This story does not reach Wattpad’s mature rating.

The LGBT+Autism flag was designed by the Twainbow organisation. The ‘fidget spinner’ version of the flag is an original variation that represents this story. Thanks to skylarjh for the great cover!

I stuck with multiculturalromance . Hope everyone else follows suite!

Mark Fischbach was ready to take a much needed vacation away from everything but when unforeseen issues arose he found himself heart-broken and devastated. What he didn’t expect when he returned home was someone who would give him everything he needed, and much more.


Tenerife Unravelled

What happens on the post-divorce vacation, stays on the post-divorce vacation. That is the unspoken rule of all solo vacations or that is what Luna Clayton thought.

After an adventurous two weeks in Tenerife, an Island of Spain with a handsome stranger, newly divorced Luna starts her new life renovating her dream retreat. An unexpected encounter, a renewed zeal for romance, and a healthy dose of drama turn her life into a series of unexpected emotions and changes.Vacations sometime don’t stay a pleasant memory. They sometimes come back to become more.

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