Murder Mysteries 4.0

A thread where we post, share, and solve murder mysteries. A fun, creative group of people who can’t help but get ourselves in and out of pickles. A game that will work magic on your free time and make it disappear.

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Possibly more thread rules to be posted. Four umbrella things:

  1. On this thread, we will play through one mystery at a time.
  2. The host of each mystery is able to lay out rules that apply specifically to their own mysteries.
  3. We have a lot of players these days! Please try your best to help hosts out by slowing down on questions.
  4. This thread is dedicated to solving mysteries. For our chat thread, see: Murder Mystery 3.0
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Your new assistant, Amanda, approaches you. She’s young, has dark blonde hair, and is wearing a black and white polka dotted shirt. She wears a lot of makeup and appears to put a lot of effort into looking pretty.

“Ladies and gentlemen” she says. “James Beaudelaire told me to give you this note he says it’s very important.”


There has been a murder at the Wellington Mansion in Riverview. A Doctor Jasper Jafferson reported to the police that Callahan Wellington had his throat slashed. The police, preoccupied with mounting tensions against PMC groups, have asked us to take exclusive control of this investigation for the time being.


Riverview Police Department

External Aid?

Limited aid from the Riverview Police Department at this time. Aside from the PD fulfilling autopsy and fingerprint requests, this is a CPA-exclusive investigation.


Callahan Wellington: a wealthy man rumored to have become wealthy through questionable means.


Camilla Santiago : a Riverview dancer who was married to the Callahan Wellington
Reginald Withermare : a man with a monocle, mustache, and many secrets
Doctor Jasper Jafferson : a psychoanalyst keen on deciphering the deepest of human emotions
Bettina Marriella : a vivacious young socialite from Audland
Daisy Greenberg : a Southern belle with a penchant for gossip


Dorian Coors : the butler
Elodie Clement : the maid
Daren Anders : the cook


Rules: Will be updated more in light of feedback. As of now:

  1. You can do anything that a person in your situation could normally do. Ask anything based on what can be readily observed.
  2. Posting: because of the number of players, please keep only to one question or request at a time. If you have a question based on something that’s already happened and you’re able to find the answer, it would be helpful to me if you defaulted to that instead of asking me. I’d also super appreciate it if others posted recaps if needed (I usually don’t do recaps)

Ask away!


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Guys choose my outfit on murder mysteries 3 quickly

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Now guys. Foxtrot is our amazing ally. We should be appreciating them and thanking them for their contributions.

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Guys choose my outfit on murder mysteries 3 quickly

Long coat, durable boots and a cool hat

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Jared. A very practical man.

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