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Title: Forever Autumn

Author: Mirajane-the-shipper

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1.for all future time; for always.
“she would love him forever”

Autumn Dalton was a girl of many secrets. Secrets hold friendships together like glue. If one is told, everything gets ripped apart unevenly. Pieces are thrown here and there, broken. Shattered. Misunderstood. People who knew of her paid little to less attention of her unlike her transgender sister, Jamie, and too-cool-to-be-related-to-you elder brother of five minutes, Ryker.

I always like to imagine that autumn is not just a season- but also a change, evolution, in everything around us. How the leaves change colour to all the change in life from person to person. Everything, without a doubt, changes in some way or another.

Change, glow, and grow. From weak and frail, to big and strong. From nerdy to being the coolest person in town-

They are the ones with the weakest of minds, biggest of hearts, and down right, unknown.

That’s what life was like for her.


here’s the link :slight_smile: >> <<


"My job leads to dark, dangerous places because Life can be nasty and secrets lay buried deep in the muck and mire where worms and grubs feed. Follow along and share the good times as well as the bad parts of my professional and private lives."

Look for it here


65282972-256-k448975 Scarlet Swift, a spunky, bombshell teen is drawn into a ghostly mystery this time involving the wealthy Gray family. They contact her to help solve an old riddle left behind by a crazy dead uncle, who had hidden a fortune in the property decades before. She must hurry to find the treasure hidden on the vast haunted estate and discover who the killer is before the city can demolish the property. The more she digs into this mystery, it becomes that is a family is trying to keep something from her. What does this family have to hide that is worth killing Scarlet to keep it a secret?

A Stolen Murder
Jessica Smithies

“Really? Some of the most expensive jewels are stolen from some of the richest men in the city and this guy shows up. No one has seen him before, no one knows where his wealth comes from, and when he is asked he doesn’t answer.” She had a point.

“He claims it’s family wealth, passed down to him from his father. That happens in lots of families.”

“True, but he never said anything about his father. Doesn’t that seem a little suspicious? I had to agree with her on that point. But the second lady had a good point. No one knows enough about Mr. Bravo, his wealth, his history, or his family. He could just be some gentlemen that moved to the city to expand his business.”

“Lots of people don’t like to talk about their fathers. You can’t judge people based on who their parents are.”

“In this case, it’s more judging them based on not knowing about their parents are. I bet if he told everyone his whole story about how he really got his wealth people would see him as less guilty. But the fact that he doesn’t talk at all alone just further proves my point.” This was better than opera. Two ladies arguing about a crime was entertaining by itself. Add in the fact I was hiding in the corner of the room and no one was asking to dance with me makes it so much better.


There was a scream. After a minute, one of the maids ran into the room.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Mr.Dale. He pulled up a chair for the maid. Someone got her water. What is it?


“Yes, what about Mary?” Mary was Mr.Dale’s niece.

“N-no! N-not p-poor M-Mary!”

"What’s wrong with Mary? What happened?"He started to grow anxious but he tried his best to stay calm.

“M-Mary. Sh-she.”;

“She’s what?”

“Sh-she i-is.”
“What is it?” He lost the calm in his voice.

“She’s dead!”


Clara Page, a young lady that only wants freedom. Henry Bravo, a young gentleman and supposed jewel thief that only wants money. What do they possibly have in common? They were both at the same ball at the night of Mary Thompson. They have to team up and find out what happened to Mary Thompson. Will they be able to put aside their differences and solve the murder of Mary? Or will their stubbornness get them both killed?


Alice was never supposed to die.

They always joked of course, about finding her murdered, bloodied, broken, and dead. Dressed in blue and missing her head, the notorious crime boss brought to her knees; dealt like a deck of cards. It was a romanticised picture, a harmless daydream, an unreachable fantasy, but when the filthy pawns of Wonderland discovered her body a hush overtook the city.

A dirty silence that seeped through the floorboards before the chaos was set free.

With the apparent queen dead who would rule the savage underworld? As riots, raids and madness broke out across the shattered city the once proud order the criminals lived by became nothing but a dizzying illusion, drowned out by the smoky haze of a hookah pipe.

Alina was never supposed to be found. Until the day a messenger knocked on her door and told her of a death in the family. A family she never knew existed. With an intrigue for murder and lies, the sole heiress to the fractured throne of Wonderland surfaced, eager to unravel the riddle of the mysterious death. Alina never asked for power, Alina was never supposed to be found, and yet with madness all around her what else was she supposed to do but to fall down the rabbit hole, with no sign of escape.

Welcome to Wonderland, home of murder, money, family and lies.


Are you ready for the madness?


this is a dark retelling of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it’ll be cruel, insane and ever so wicked. So be warned, madness is a disease, stay too long and you may find yourself without a cure.




Janette ‘Jana’ Andrews and Damien ‘Nicky’ Coleman are police detectives solving crimes in the heart of present-day Little Rock, Arkansas. The detectives are looking for a serial killer that has a thing for pretty teenage girls. The killer “The Striker” stalks poor (East side) and affluent girls (West side) in different parts of the state. They have been looking for him for over three years now. Can the detectives catch this killer and prevent his next crime spree?



Jessie’s parents travel and about a week after their return, she receives a letter from an unknown person.
The next news she hears is about her parents being in a critical state in the hospital. That’s when the letter makes sense to her.
She becomes very worried because she had received letters like this in the past and for each letter, someone close to her died.
It is up to her to find the killer and stop him before it gets to her turn. (Link to the book)


The Mystery of the Body Thief

Horatio wakes up from being in a coma, but he doesn’t remember anything that happened before he fell into unconsciousness. All that he remembers is a name, “Annabelle!”

you can read it here

The Mystery of the Phantom of Dragonspire Court

Lady Annabelle finds herself having to solve two mysteries.

But the most terrifying thing is that it appears that The Phantom of Dragonspire court is on the loose.

you can read it here

The Case of Confusion

When the peace treaty ends in disaster, Lady Annabelle must find the murderer before they get away.

you can read it here



She was always strong and never interested in what others thought of her.
She may be a god, and she may live forever, but there are things that even she can’t control.
One night one of her hunters disappears, and that night things were about to change in her life.




For years Ian Valgrave has protected his younger sister Bethany from herself and from the world. When her mental illness appears to get the better of her, Ian is no longer able to save her. For the first time in his life, he is forced to face the world alone without his best friend by his side.

Rated Mature
Life After You


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