Murder Mystery 3.0

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Part 3!!

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Hi! I can be here for a while but I’ll be going later. You can do a part of it now if you like? @DragonQueen144


if more people are here than sure! mine also takes place in riverview, stealing Jen’s world…

here is the start…if anyone is here we can start but if not then tomorrow at 9 pst


Cynthia Crowell, the renowned wine connoisseur, was found dead this morning in her lavish mansion. The sixty year old British innkeeper will be sorely missed by all of us. We spoke to her grandson, Carl Roman:

What can you tell us about your grandmother?

Carl, brushing back a stray tear, replies, “Nana was always an eccentric woman. We loved her so much.”

There are rumors that Mrs. Crowell was murdered, what do you have to say to that?

“It does appear to be that way. We’ve hired a private detective agency to look into it. But I just can’t imagine anyone doing that to her!”

What about your sister, the mysterious Lady Darcie?

Carl’s face tightens at the mention of his older sister. “The two had a…turbulent relationship. But, no, she would never.”

What will happen to Rosecliff Mansion now?

“Well, Nana always loved big fancy houses, and as soon as she saw Rosecliff, with its big white columns and huge windows, she fell in love with it, and took out a loan to buy it immediately. To pay it off, she started an inn there, and it’s been incredibly successful. I hope we can continue it without her.”


I’d like to talk to Carl.

“I’m sorry for your loss, Carl. This must be a tough time. However, I do need to know who found your Nana in the mansion after she had died. Was it you?”


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@DragonQueen144 Does the victim have any close family relatives besides her grandson?


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You drive up north of town to Rosecliff Mansion. As you approach it, you notice it is huge and beautiful, all white with a red door and a red roof. The windows span entire floors, shining brilliantly in the afternoon light.

When you knock on the door, it’s answered by Carl Roman, a man in his mid twenties with brown hair and hazel eyes. He invites you in, and you can instantly see the inside of Rosecliff Mansion is even more extravagant than the outside. Carl leads you through the foyer into the living room, where a few people are sitting on couches.

“Let me show you to the body, I’ll answer your questions there,” he replies.

“Oh, I forgot to mention,” Carl says quickly. “We have a few guests staying here currently. I hope you don’t mind.” He hands you a list, which has the names on it of the current guests.

Mary Mason Carl’s distant cousin.

Luke Vega

Jenny Stone Luke’s girlfriend

Dahlia Aster

Kashvi Aster Dahlia’s wife

Myles Reid Carl’s best friend.

“Feel free to talk to any of them,” Carl says, “they’re all in the living room right now. “In fact,” he lowers his voice, “One of them might have been the murderer.”


“Why would you say that?”


yes. a granddaughter Darcie Roman and a distant cousin/niece Mary Mason


“Well, I think my grandmother was murdered, and I’m sure you will too when you see the body.”

Carl leads you to a large room on the third floor.
“This is where she lived,” he explains, pushing the door open.
Cynthia Crowell is lying on the floor, on her back. Around her are a few items, a silver clutch purse, a pack of cigarettes and a phone.
“We didn’t touch anything. At least, I don’t think anyone did. After Grace found the body, we called the police and asked none of the guests or staff to go in here, but people might have. We left the doors unlocked as usual, so someone might have come in here.” Carl says.


And Grace is?


“Mmm that’s still not enough for assumptions, Mr. Roman.”

-examines body- What do I see?


“Oh, Grace Hensley, she was Cynthia’s personal assistant, maid and caretaker. Lovely girl, quite upset over her death. Then again, we all are.”

“She’s just down the hall if you’d like to speak with her.”

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