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Death of a Hot Chick (A Cyd Denlinger Mystery)
Short blurb: A young widow trying to survive, a ghost with an agenda, and the boat they share.
A little more: Cyd Denlinger wants to forget her late philandering husband, keep her family from running hr life, and regain her commercial boat captain’s license. What she doesn’t want is to be involved with an old boyfriend OR a nagging ghost.


Janette ‘Jana’ Andrews and Damien ‘Nicky’ Coleman are police detectives solving crimes in the heart of present-day Little Rock, Arkansas. The detectives are looking for a serial killer that has a thing for pretty teenage girls. The killer “The Striker” stalks poor (East side) and affluent girls (West side) in different parts of the state. They have been looking for him for over three years now. Can the detectives catch this killer and prevent his next crime spree?

Five Hearts of Derek
When 16 year-old Derek is found dead inside lake Mayor. The last seemingly unimportant heart emojis may be the key to come about the resolution of the tragedy. They were five hearts read in color sent from the high schoolers phone the day of his demise. 32-Year-old widower, Gaston Leboeuf, carries out the investigation that uncovers truths with the potential to shake up the lives of all those who’d been closely involved with the high-schooler.


“What if he’s dead…?”

After a shocking discovery, five naive teenagers set out to expose the secrets and lies concealed within their secluded hometown of Port Springs, they unintentionally stumble upon something so small yet so big that it could potentially get all of them killed.

Unaware of the repercussions that would follow; they continue about exploring this hidden world, setting off a chain reaction of events that would follow.

Their motto - dare to defy.

But will daring to defy save them?

Written by beinghonesthurts.

Chapter format inspired by One of Us is Lying.


SWEETER THAN BLOOD is my debut story here on Wattpad and the first story in my Bite-size Murder Mysteries series.

Lydia Hawthorne is a human detective whose department is charged to keep the peace with vampires under a shaky treaty. When the local university’s biggest supporter of integrating those vampires into society is murdered, tensions rise to a breaking point between the divided residents.

One of the vampire elders, Garnet, teams up with Lydia to catch the killer before the town is torn apart, but neither are prepared to catch feelings for each other.

Any suggestions for improvements to the story and my newness to Wattpad are welcome.

I hope you’ll enjoy Lydia and Garnet as much as I enjoy writing them!

Satchmo Turner is a failed private detective from the rusting heart of the Black Country who is reeling from the loss of his sister and fiancee. He’s going nowhere at work, and treading water in life, until he picks up a simple missing person case and stumbles into something much bigger.

Satchmo soon finds himself in over his head and embroiled a hunt for ancient treasure, unrequited love, violence and murder in a quiet English village stocked with a cast of characters he could never have imagined.

Praise for Quid Pro Quo from Wattpadders:

“Damn you for writing such a good book. I’m dead serious when I say you should look to get it published.”

“Overall, I think it’s a great book and something I’d expect to see on a shelf in a bookstore somewhere.”

“I read another chapter and devoured the whole damn thing over an afternoon.”

“All-in-all the book was thoroughly enjoyable and very professionally written. Definitely better than almost everything else that I have encountered on Wattpad… it was a compelling read.”

“Your style of storytelling is lovely to read. I’m trying desperately to convince my husband to sign up to Wattpad so he can read it too.”

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An Open Novella 2019 - Ambassador’s Pick

The New Year kicked off to a bloody start for the private detective duos - Jamie Loxley and Blaine Ebony, as they strode into a murder scene.

Two heads are better than one when it comes to disentangling a case. But, when a simple interrogation turns into a convoluted string of head game, figuring out the puzzle pieces won’t be plain sailing. And, it doesn’t help that the subjects are an immigrant who has trouble speaking English, an alcoholic suffering memory issues and a pathological liar.

The grand form of deception will always be camouflaged in front of our very eyes.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading and I look forward to some honest feedbacks. Thank you!

In the Dark
Asher Banning had great times with his parents and brother, Mason. But things stopped being wonderful after his mother died. Three years later, now in college, Asher does everything he can to move forward. That is, until, his best friend decides to use Asher’s old family vacation house as a reunion spot for all their friends.

His friends get together to help him not feel lonely for the holidays, but when they find some of their friends’ dead bodies, it all goes downhill and bump in the night. Asher’s curious mind wants to know what’s happening and most importantly, if someone is after them.

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Link to Box of Matches

Eighteen-year-old, Delaney (Deli) Woods, lives a comfortable life with her neighbors in a small-home community known as Hidden Oaks. Deli lives a pretty routine life, play video games on Sunday with Rhett, work part-time at the Starry Inn Hotel, and attend monthly meetings with the residents of Hidden Oaks. Nothing too exciting ever happens, and that’s how Deli likes it.

However, all of that changes when the new neighbors, Logan and Melissa Summers move in next door, and suspiciously, a resident of Hidden Oaks dies a few weeks later.

A dark cloud looms over this tight-night community, secrets surface, and resident’s true colors start to show. Was it murder? If so, did someone who lives at Hidden oaks commit the murder? And most importantly, will there be another victim?

Box of Matches is a suspenseful mystery full of twists and turns. Not everything is what it seems, and not every community is perfect.

One part of this story will be released every Thursday

Book may contain some graphic scenes that may not be suitable for all audiences. I will inform you if any scenes contain mature content.