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Hi, thanks for this post! Please find my action crime mystery detective thriller here -'s-nest

Blurb for Max Hunter: the Dragon’s Nest:

When Max Hunter’s parents, the greatest private detectives in the world are killed in a mysterious fire and their case is closed by the police, Max investigates with his family butler and technological genius, Charles Smith. But as he probes, he learns that the Secret Order, the world’s most feared criminal organisation who were once extinguished by his parents, have returned and something known as the Dragon’s Nest is at the heart of everything. The Secret Order has eyes and ears everywhere. Everyone he knows is suddenly a suspect. Who murdered his parents? What is the Dragon’s Nest? As Max works undercover to find out, harrowing events unfold, which change his teenage life forever…


Janette ‘Jana’ Andrews and Damien ‘Nicky’ Coleman are police detectives solving crimes in the heart of present-day Little Rock, Arkansas. The detectives are looking for a serial killer that has a thing for pretty teenage girls. The killer “The Striker” stalks poor (East side) and affluent girls (West side) in different parts of the state. They have been looking for him for over three years now. Can the detectives catch this killer and prevent his next crime spree?


When Haley Bell is offered a scholarship to study at the elusive Woodcreek College, famous for moulding the world’s brightest thinkers, artists and inventors, she jumps at the opportunity.

Except when she arrives, so do the murders.

In a campus hidden from civilisation in the mountains of Colorado, Haley’s classmates are slowly turning up dead. As the bodies pile up and eyes of suspicion turn to her, Haley finds that there’s a reason why she was brought to Woodcreek.

And it wasn’t to study.


A perfect town is hiding ugly secrets. One dead body. One missing person. And a killer who is only just getting started.

Blaire Olsen is the girl everyone wants to be. That is, of course, until she turns up dead. They say it was an accident, that she fell down and hit her head one drunken night. But I know better - because I have her diary. And Blaire’s death was anything but an accident.


No one forgets the first time they lived through someone else’s nightmare.

You can’t get rid of it . . . you can’t ignore it . . . you can only control it.

Tyler Loftman comes to realize that when he is given a gift, unaware of how or why it was given. Living through the dead isn’t something anyone wants to experience, yet to his distaste, he has no choice but to live with it. Whether it’s a curse or a blessing, remains unsaid.

But, when a girl turns up in the middle of the lake; no name and no witnesses, this may be his chance to figure it out.

In the town of Lake Bellinor, anything is possible.


Alice was never supposed to die.

They always joked of course, about finding her murdered, bloodied, broken, and dead. Dressed in blue and missing her head, the notorious crime boss brought to her knees; dealt like a deck of cards. It was a romanticised picture, a harmless daydream, but when the filthy pawns of Wonderland discovered her body a hush overtook the city.

Alina was never supposed to be found. Until the day a messenger knocked on her door and told her of a death in the family. A family she never knew existed. Alina never asked for power, Alina was never supposed to be found, and yet with madness all around her what else was she supposed to do but to fall down the rabbit hole, with no sign of escape.

Welcome to Wonderland, home of murder, money, family and lies.


Are you ready for the madness?


Bıçak sağ elinin uzağında bulundu ayrıca maktulün sağ elinde aynı bıçak ile yaralanma mevcut ve de maktul solak…



A young widow trying to survive, a ghost with an agenda, and the boat they share.

Violent death comes suddenly to Smith Harbor, the Chesapeake Bay fishing village with intertwined and lasting relationships.

Cyd Denlinger (a young woman conflicted by choices) wants to forget her late, philandering husband, keep her family from running her life, and regain her commercial boat captain’s license. What she doesn’t want is to be involved with an old flame OR a ghost. But the nagging ghost offers a trade that’s hard to resist.

“Find my killer!” she demands. In exchange, Cyd will own the boat Snapdragon. Easy for a ghost to offer something she can’t use. Not so easy to solve a murder with too much help from family and friends. Not too safe either, especially when Cyd wonders: was the killer’s target his victim, or her boat.

I would love to hear your comments! I’m adding new chapters every week. (This is a completed book. I’m now writing the sequel and will definitely hope to receive comments for that as well when I finish uploading this and start with the second one - Death of a Money Man

The Jellyfish Syndrome
Life isn’t done with you.

Everyone dies. That’s an unfortunate part of life. But people usually don’t come back.

Aila Crowe has died seven times but has returned each instance, fully healed, remember nothing about her experience with it. When an unknown assailant guns her down in Brooklyn, she has to figure out who they are and why they want to kill her, or else those closest to her could pay the price.

The consequences could be fatal.

Updated every Saturday.

Read The Jellyfish Syndrome.

In the Dark
Asher Banning had great times with his parents and brother, Mason. But things stopped being wonderful after his mother died. Three years later, now in college, Asher does everything he can to move forward. That is, until, his best friend decides to use Asher’s old family vacation house as a reunion spot for all their friends.

His friends get together to help him not feel lonely for the holidays, but when they find some of their friends’ dead bodies, it all goes downhill and bump in the night. Asher’s curious mind wants to know what’s happening and most importantly, if someone is after them.

Read IN THE DARK here!




Crimson Dawson has a complicated life. Her mother died during child birth, she lives with her abusive grandmother, and she is ostracized by everyone in the town. But Crimson has learned to live with the mess she calls life that is until a body is found in her little town of Far Water making complicated turn into a complete disaster. Will Crimson be able to clear her name off the top of the suspect list? Will she find out who her long lost father is? Will she even make it out alive?
Third place on The 2018 Golden Awards for Mystery/Thriller
First place in the 2018 Pen Awards for Mystery/Thriller


Young girls start disappearing around Europe, only to show up a few days later unharmed.

Magnus Lund, a detective in a special Europol task force, would prefer to spend his summer with his family and travelling around in his beloved buses rather than having to deal with lost girls. But as the cases start piling up, he gets a nagging feeling that the similarities can’t be just coincidence. And when a young girl’s dead body is found in Warsaw, he and his team know for sure something sinister is going on. Soon, they realize they aren’t looking for a kidnapper but a cold-blooded killer.
But is any of them prepared for just how sinister The Lady’s plans truly are?

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How far will are you willing to go for loyalty?

Christina Gresham is officially in Lawyers’ hell. Just when she thought she’d escaped the past, it found her. That same ugly past that believed her father murdered her twin brother.

Everyone makes bad decisions, Christina Gresham’s worst just happens to go by the name of Barron Harrington, the gorgeous storm grey-eyed detective that’s determined to accost her father for the murder of a well-known author and economist.

Christina would die before she lets her sixty-something-year-old father serve time for a murder he didn’t commit. That doesn’t mean she’s willing to put an end to the hot and sizzling nights with the head of the NYPD task force.

Detective Harrington however, has other plans. Following the murder of his father, the lead detective on the Lawrence Harrington case, Barron is convinced Terrence Gresham orchestrated the assassination. And it wasn’t as if the evidence told him otherwise.

Christina never considered risking her career for her father, risking the law for him–after all, she’d partially believed the story ten years ago. Barron is willing to use this to win his case, he’s willing to play anyone to avenge his father’s gruesome murder.

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