{{ Murder On Palatine Hill }} - A || P A L A T I N E || Offshoot Game (currently not accepting new players)

>>Welcome to Palatine Hill<<

This game is currently closed to new players due to hitting maximum capacity while in the works on PALATINE.

What is "Murder on Palatine Hill"?

‘Murder on Palatine Hill’ is essentially a murder mystery involving members from the PALATINE/COLOSSEUM community (linked below). The general premise is this:
A member of the PALATINE/COLOSSEUM community invites the rest to a writing retreat/vacation in a cabin in the middle of the woods, miles away from civilisation. However, once there, the gathered members start disappearing, one by one, with hints as to their demise. The purpose of this game is twofold: to apprehend the murderer and minimise collateral damage. This game will end either when all the members are dead, or when the murderer is apprehended with adequate proof to bring them to court.

How do I play this game?

To avoid role-playing, which is against Wattpad guidelines, the entire story-line will be written by me. You, however, will be able to play a part in the decision-making process of the group of happy campers every time it comes up, by voting in polls that follow each section of the story. You are also capable of discussing the next course of action with your fellow campers.

Is there an update schedule?

Honestly, as of right now, I am completely unsure. My summer schedule is very flexible, but also quite bigoted at times. I will try to update every week, but we will see. All updates on the story-line will be marked in the Master List post below.

When do polls close?

Polls will close after one week of remaining open. This, of course, is up to change.

I missed a poll!

Unless it is a tie, I do not believe that missing a poll is a huge issue. You will be going along with the general consensus if you do miss a poll.

Can I vote in polls if I am not a part of this game?

Please don’t. Polls are the primary method of decision-making that this game revolves around, so your vote could potentially mess it up. If you are a part of this game, but voted for something you didn’t mean to by accident, tag me (@moonlightshadow412) and state the choice you really mean to vote for.

What resources do I have at my disposal, as a player?
  • A spacious cabin (ten rooms, fully furnished)
  • No signal
  • Running water (7 bathrooms, 5 showers)
  • Alcohol
  • Four basic first aid kits
  • Two fire extinguishers
  • Towels (an indefinite number)
  • Firewood
  • Walking sticks (also indefinite number)
  • Basic kitchenware (pots, pans, chopping boards, set of knives, utensils, etc)
  • Plates
  • Soap
  • Mugs (indefinite number)
  • Whatever foods listed below in the Supplies List.
  • Refrigerator + freezer (fully operational)
I died! Now what?

Welcome to the Spectator squad. You’re now a ghost, and have no direct ability to impact decisions of the remaining, living group (can’t vote on polls). Don’t worry; more of the living will join you soon enough…

Where can I find status updates?

There is a bulletin board several posts below. There, I will inform everyone in the game of update dates, recent deaths, etc.

Even though this game is closed to new players, it is always open to spectators.

I will add updates at my discretion.


Everything in this thread should be PG-13, and follow Wattpad Content Guidelines.

Swearing is allowed, but will be limited to three swears per person per day (24 hours must have elapsed between the first and fourth swear of a person). If you’re unsure as to what is a swear word, feel free to ask me (@moonlightshadow412), or find a synonym that is not your suspected bad-word.

Please keep this thread Murder-On-Palatine-Hill-related. If you would just like to chat with other members of Wattpad, the Colosseum, or Palatine, please use the Palatine General Chat Thread..

Be polite and cordial. Sarcasm is allowed, of course, but harassment and bullying are absolutely not tolerated. I will uphold this to the best of my ability.

Have respect for each other.

If you are not involved in this game, please do not vote on any polls. If you are a spectator, you are welcome to help out those who are actively involved in this game (status: alive and well).


Don’t Get Attached…


Skin colour: tan
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: auburn
Height: five foot four.
Build: lean, wiry, but muscular (ballerina-esque)
Personality: sarcastic, quiet, clumsy, very street smart, skeptical of everything
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: pale
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: dark
Height: five foot seven
Build: hourglass/average
Personality: Pyromaniac, introvert/bookworm, stubborn.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: light
Eye colour: electric blue
Hair colour: black
Height: five foot eight
Build: average, a bit tall for his age
Personality: intelligent, quiet, kind.
Status; ALIVE


Skin colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: grey
Height: five foot three
Build: decent
Personality: wise, peaceful, resolute.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: tan
Eye colour: grey
Hair colour: dirty blonde with blue tips
Height: five foot two
Build: chubby
Personality: Smart, witty, and sarcastic. She’ll either come across as extremely shy or really assholeish depending on how you meet her. She’s impulsive, energetic, and extremely anxious. She’s also creative and quick to adapt to her surroundings. She’s never really been rooted to anything, so she tends to just kind of float around life without any set plan, just hoping that things will work out.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: pale
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: brown
Height: 5’0
Build: slight.
Personality: annoying, humourous, knowledgeable.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: pale
Eye colour: black
Hair colour: black
Height: three foot zero
Build: average
Personality: snarky, sarcastic, intimidating.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: tan
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: dark brown
Height: five foot four
Build: average
Personality: clumsy, humourous, light-hearted.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: pale
Eye colour: brown-red
Hair colour: brown
Height: five foot five
Build: athletic
Personality: calm, condescending, rational
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: pale
Eye colour: grey-blue
Hair colour: brown
Height: five foot zero
Build: decent, slight
Personality: mysterious, innocent, kind.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: Pale
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: dyed split green/black
Height: five foot one
Build: chubby
Personality: light-hearted, sarcastic, pragmatic.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: pale/tan
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: brown
Height: five foot one
Build: athletic
Personality: trusting/naiive, sassy, anxious.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: tan
Eye colour: green
Hair colour: black
Height: five foot eight
Build: thin; swimmer’s build
Personality: know-it-all, mysterious, thoughtful.
Status: ALIVE


Skin colour: dark tan
Eye colour: black
Hair colour: white
Height: five foot eleven
Build: average
Personality: active, blunt, curious.
Status: ALIVE

@evil-frog @NovelWritingIsHard @w41k3r_19880 @starches @PaperThinSkin14 @Mikizumi @GlitchandGlitz @splicingtime @kabanerry @DreamGirl_Moon @kacchan @S0NDER @BR3ND4N @moonlightshadow412



An overwhelmingly large shopping list.

chocolate (an overwhelming amount of)
hard candies
instant noodles
pudgy pies
beef jerky
baloney sandwiches
JIF extra crunchy peanut butter
twelve packs of mint-flavoured gum
sausage rolls
granola bars
chocolate chip cookies
shots of caffeine
bread (pastries)


A less catastrophic list.

@w41k3r_19880: toiletries, clothing, rope, extra knife? water purification tablets.
@Mikizumi: guitar, motorcycle, clothes, toiletries, misc.
@DreamGirl_Moon: phone+earbud combo, sketchbook+pencil combo, clothing, toiletries, multifunctional knife
@splicingtime: clothing, a bat (assuming this is not the animal…), car, lighter, gasoline
@starches: camera, clothes, toiletries, flashlight, rope
@PaperThinSkin14: clothes, toiletries, a knife, a fishing rod, a tent
@NovelWritingIsHard: journal and pens/pencils, clothes, toiletries, pre-addressed envelopes, A-Z murder mystery series by Sue Grafton.
@evil-frog: books, clothes, dry socks, comfortable shoes, a map of the area
@BR3ND4N: full water bottle, bandana, paracord, flashlight, multitool
@GlitchandGlitz: clothes, toiletries, hydrogen peroxide, rubber chicken, ball of twine
@S0NDER: Toiletries, clothing, swiss army knife, flashlight and laser beam in one torch, 6 books (half paperback, half hardback)
@kacchan: toiletries, two sets of clothes, a hairbrush, hair ties, a screwdriver
@kabanerry: clothes, toiletries, a cactus, meds, light torch + batteries
@moonlightshadow412: clothes, toiletries, throwing knives, tape measure, full 2 gallon water bottle


This post will be updated as the game progresses.



This post will be updated as the game progresses.


This post will be updated as the game progresses.


Below, in order: PALATINE, COLOSSEUM




ANNOUNCEMENT 1: 06.21.2020


The following people are PARTICIPANTS:

@evil-frog @NovelWritingIsHard @w41k3r_19880 @starches @PaperThinSkin14 @Mikizumi @GlitchandGlitz @splicingtime @kabanerry @DreamGirl_Moon @kacchan @S0NDER @BR3ND4N @moonlightshadow412

The following people are SPECTATORS:

@danastj123 @PercabethFanBoy1 @WriterGirl017 @blue_jay (if you want)

The SPECTATOR list will be updated as more spectators join in.

ANNOUNCEMENT 2: 06.23.2020

To the following participants, please try to update your respective character profiles as soon as possible: @PaperThinSkin14 (Constance) | @starches (Felicity) | @kabanerry (Sawyer)

ANNOUNCEMENT 3: 06.26.2020

I have added a poll concerning one aspect of the inner workings of the game here. An idea I currently have seems a bit convoluted, so I would like you guys’ opinions on it.

This poll will close when the EXPOSITION goes up.

@evil-frog @NovelWritingIsHard @w41k3r_19880 @starches @PaperThinSkin14 @Mikizumi @GlitchandGlitz @splicingtime @kabanerry @DreamGirl_Moon @kacchan @S0NDER @BR3ND4N @moonlightshadow412

ANNOUNCEMENT 4: 06.26.2020

EXPOSITION has been posted, and the poll has closed due to the overwhelming majority wanting option one. Enjoy :wink:

@evil-frog @NovelWritingIsHard @w41k3r_19880 @starches @PaperThinSkin14 @Mikizumi @GlitchandGlitz @splicingtime @kabanerry @DreamGirl_Moon @kacchan @S0NDER @BR3ND4N @moonlightshadow412 @danastj123 @WriterGirl017 @blue_jay





Poll tests are now closed (also because the entire thing was just a really big mess and hurt my eyes).

There are three types of polls, if anyone wants to know:

  • Single choice- can choose only one. Selections are circles.
  • Number rating- a subsection of single choice. Can choose any number within given range.
  • Multiple choice- can choose up to a certain number. Selections are squares.

For all of these polls, you CAN go back and change your response.


How do I know which one is mine?


Oh wait nvm.


I didn’t know you could vote more then once!!!


Exactly why it’s a poll test :grin:

It’s partially for me to test things out, but also doubles as a way for everyone to fully realise what types of polls could potentially be used.


:sob: I would have picked two. how do you know if its one you can vote once on, or one you can vote multiple times?


The checkboxes- circles are singles, boxes are multiple choice. But also, if you try to click and choose more than one answer…