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Here would be fine, I have notes I can copy and paste them here is that okay.
Oc Characters- Artemis Nox fluerete. Harrison Riku Moonshadow (Katsumi, Chelsea and Jun)

Themes in Loyalty
Fear /Death
Love /Secrets

Conflict within the story

  1. Person V.S Person (Lovers, protagonist, antagonist)
  2. Person V.S Supernatural (Paranormal and outworldly beings)
  3. Person V.S Self (inner conflict, fear, and self-doubt)
  4. Person V.S Society (Struggles between individuals of social norms/codes)

Characters Inner Conflict
Character Name: Artemis Nox Fluerete
Who and where: Princess of Kingslave and the Oracle
Internal Conflict: She struggles to grip the reality and the responsibility of upholding the Oracle and her bloodline of Kingslave. Living her brother and sister shadow for a long time. Causing her to be doubtful and lose hope in their time as the imperial army rises to power. Having to make the choice of using the “Ultimate sacrifice” in saving her people and her family. Avoiding her best to not fall into the hands of temptation.

External Conflict: She tries to adjust her life as the oracle, and balancing out the normal life that she lives. Trying to living out of her brother and sister’s Shadow. Going on an adventure with Noctis and start to fall in love in with him and that she is his true love, not Luna.

Character Name: Harrison Riku Moonshadow
Who and where: Prince of Moonria.
Internal conflict: Riku has a long deep dark secret that he is afraid of coming out to his secret crush Ravus. In addition to being in between two worlds of being a human and Fox Yokai.

External conflict: To not get caught with his sexuality, he makes up lies in denying of being bisexual, causing more tension to build up. When his friends are in danger by being chased by the demon dog, he exposes his true demon form to friends in order to protect them. As he exposes his true form he also confesses his feelings to Ravus despite the fear of rejection.

Character Name: Noctis Caelum Lucis
Who/Where: Prince Of Lucis, Anywhere in the story.
Internal conflict: Noctis feels guilty about the death of his father and Crown city has been taken over by the imperial army. Furthermore the responsibilities of protecting Artemis and having feelings for Lunafreya and Ravus little sister

External Conflict: Noctis accepts his responsibilities as king. Reaching with extended help with Riku’s advice by heading to the MoonFlower Kingdom. Where he falls in love with Tsukiko and accepting the fate as a blood brother.

Character Name: Ravus Nox Fleuret
Who/ Where: Prince of Kingslave, helping to defeat the imperial army.
Internal Conflict: Ravus has an undying love for Riku but, he is struggling with his inner demons because slowly he is being consumed of becoming a daemon. Not wanting to hurt Riku, his friends, and sister. He wants to keep it a secret.

External Conflict: Ravus tires to confess and spend time with Riku as much as he can before turning into Daemon.

Romance, adventure, action, Drama, and Fantasy

Artemis Nox Flueret is the youngest Siblings of Ravus and Lunafreya. Couldn’t handle the pressures of high society and being the Oracle. Artemis flees away from it all and resides in Neo Tokyo City, where she has lived a peaceful, calm and smooth life. She has loving friends and even boyfriend to support her. Then, her dream world slowly came shattering, when she starts to have horrendous nightmares and the Gods are speaking to her begging for her assistance in returning home and defeat the imperial army. She has refused to answer the God’s cries help knowing what to expect from helping and saving the ones she loves. Which can mean the “ultimate sacrifice”. As she continues to ignore the cries the worse her nightmares will become. What makes the problem worse is her two childhood friend Noctis, Riku and his protégé convince her to return to Kinglslave, where her sister needs her more than ever and her people to get her. Trying to get her back and take her place on the throne.

(Hopefully this helps)


That’s great, thanks. So what is it you’re stuck on?


What I’m on stuck on is trying to create a character that isn’t a cliche?


A new one, or changing one of the ones you listed? Because the ones you’ve listed seem fine to me.


Okay, can you look over the draft I wrote in the beginning to make sure that it is okay?


Sorry, I don’t do that. You’re looking for a critic, which you can find here


Okay, I need help creating a plot for the story. I have a few things in mind.


Sure, what are they?


Well, this a collaboration.
Plot: There trying to find Artemis and bring her back home to take her place has princess and the Oracle. But, Artemis doesn’t want to do it because of the ultimate sacrifice she has to make and doesn’t want to because her life is relatively normal

Where Riku is a spy for Ardyen, his objective is to lure Artemis and capture her. At first he’s up for it but, then he slowly changes his mind knowingly, he is putting his friends lives at risk and he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

That’s what I have.


Who’s perspectives do you plan to write from? Artemis and Riku?


Hey Mush, you’re really cool for doing this. I’d love it if you could sort me out with some writing prompts. I write mostly in the urban fantasy genre, but I’ll also take anything that’s romance, supernatural or teen-fic. Thanks!


Yeah, no problem!


Urban Fantasy



I plan to write both. At first I was going to do Artemis perspective, then I was going to slowly transgress to Riku’s perspective. Should I do that or no?


I wouldn’t recommend replacing Artemis’ perspective with Riku’s (because readers will have spent x amount of chapters on her side, growing attached to her) but it’s definitely ok to add Riku’s in and switch between the two.


Thank you so much again, that’s awesome!


No problem! Hope they help.


So, Keep Artemis’s perspective but, just add in Riku’s? Don’t switch or transgress them.


That’s what I would recommend (or only use one perspective the whole story). The two perspectives sound like two different sides of the same overall story, so they should work together well.


Okay, that makes more sense. Let me give an example…
One prespective: Is trying to save the kingdoms and bring peace.
Two prespective: 1) Is Artemis’s past coming to haunt her and not wanting to be involved with the war.
2) Riku’s personal conflict of betraying his friends and family by being a spy for the imperial army.
Something like that?