Music to kill writer's block, suggestions?



So I am stuck, usually by now I find the perfect music to play while I write but I am in chapter nine and still haven’t found anything that fits.

What I listen to reflects the setting and personalities within the story. I just can’t seem to find a genre that fits the character to settle on.

I am not trying to advertise my book in any way so please do not ask about it and I will keep the idea of what I am looking for simple: He’s a pretty feisty teenager with a lot going on. Not very shy but not very out going either.

Do you have any songs to suggest that you think would work? :thinking:

Thank you all,
I was able to find the perfect playlist from all the suggestions made.


Something like this? I can suggest other styles but if this is the tip you’re going on then I can link more that are similar to this-ish (not necessarily the same genre but this mood? if that makes sense )


^I like how that video is made up of gifs

Yeah, that is definitely in the right direction!
If you’d like to share more please do, even if it’s a little off this kind of mood a bit. A little variety is a good thing.


Or if he’s a very tough guy (like just feisty, uses sarcasm to hide) but insecure or just dealing with a lot of hidden demons that no one sees - something like these?




I think his personality is somewhere between “False Confidence” and “I love you will you marry me”
I love the lyrics of that last one though it doesn’t quite flow with the story.
I am definitely getting a better feel thank you so much, seriously.


I really like this one. It just speaks about how it’s okay not to be okay and how it’s okay to just need someone to talk to.



I’m just throwing these at you at this point now in the hopes that something will stick :joy::joy::joy:


lol I noticed but I did find the last one entertaining and the one before that I really liked.
So far I am using the first one you suggested and the “comethru” making a mixed play list of similar music to them.

I love how I have not heard a single song you have suggested.


That was the plan :joy::+1::tipping_hand_woman: I’m happy I could help. let me know if you need more lol :loud_sound:


I’m always open for more, never know what you could find.
Though I won’t be responding or listening to them now I need to get at least a chapter done tonight :sweat_smile: probably should have asked this question sooner so I could have already been working.
Thank you again!


“I need new music to write”
Wow, you can write music? THAT’S AWESOME!

nah, i am kidding


I love this songggg


Love someone- lukas graham
With you-tyler shaw
Let me down slowly- alec benjamin
House of cards-tyler shaw
You’re somebody else


oh, thank you!


Haha, not sure I can be much help. My inspiration music is pretty angsty since my character is angsty.


Still new.
Not exactly sure what you just said.


hmm, :thinking:
You never know it may fit anyways, what do you listen to?


i was asking what kind of books you wrote i already saw this thread before but i saw it again and thought it was a different thread because of the title change because im dumb and thats why i asked that but then i deleted it after i saw what kind of book you were writing because i wasnt sure what music i know would fit well with it