Music when writing poetry

Do you guys like listening to music when you write your poetry? I feel like it makes the words flow out of me.


yeah same

I do. It helps inspire me to write poems. Recently I’ve used Somebody Else by The 1975 to write a couple of breakup poems.

Honestly im not a music person but im trying to get into it

No, it gets in the way of the music in my head — the ‘music’ of the poem.

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Same here. I write best when it’s quiet. A breath of wind doesn’t hurt, nor do birdsongs.

Pop music is particularly bad for me because my rebel brain starts concocting parodies of the lyrics.

Nah… I feel like music is poetry so it’s better to write while in a more quiet space.


More that it influences my poetry and prose. For the more anthem like sounds like New Laconia, stuff like this:

Now when I actually sit down to write, I can’t focus on music.

I can’t force myself when it comes to poetry, if the words aren’t coming, they aren’t coming. Sometimes I’ll listen to music to see if it inspires anything but truly, I’m inspired by the most random things and at the most random times. like a line will just come to me and suddenly I can work that into a whole poem.


Same here

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Goodness, all these new shiny buttons?


Hey Erika!

The music I listen to. Mmm, it depends what I’m writing. It could be folk to Ed Sheeran. I love a lot of different songs.

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hows it going?

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Hi Erika! Not much. I was doing a critique tonight. What about you?

Oh cool! Ive just been writing poetry

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Hello. What is your chosen topic? jumps up and down

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