I’m just trying to find some new music to listen to. I’ll listen to nearly anything. Metal, rock, pop, rap, indie, alternative, edm, anything. Never know if I like until i try, you know? Like food.

Thanks by the way! If anyone comes :joy: hope you have a wonderful day!


Meat Loaf and Matchbox Twenty and Robbie Williams are my favourites :slight_smile:


I never thought I’d ever see anyone say Robbie Williams was their favorite haha.
Meatloaf :heart:
I do love some Robbie but don’t tell anybody :wink:


Robbie is a classic in my household :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve gone too far with that comment :joy:


 (Explicit music video)


listen to taytay o^o


Sucker –Jonas Brothers :heart_eyes:


FAUN - Federkleid

It’s German, but there are good translations in the comments. :grinning:


Might I suggest music by PVRIS?


Ice Nine Kills, MIW, BFMV, Palaye Royale, Asking Alexandria, Falling in Reverse, Get Scared, Set if Off, Waterparks, Ghost Town, The Cab, 30 Seconds to Mars, Adam Lambert, Marilyn Manson, the list goes on :joy:


I listen to the first two, but never heard of the last one.

@lennythefox thanks! I only know Stephen and AJR. from the ones I can see so far, havw to check the rest.

@astarius not a big fan of her, but I’ll give it a listen. Who knows? Might like that one.

@addictogold nevwr heard of them, but alrighty will do

@Old_lazy_cat being in German won’t bother me, i’ve listened to ‘Jennifer Rostock’ efore and enjoyed, and they were as well (i think) in german.

@gh0stlydreams YES . I love them lol

@Jem776x i listen to almost all of them before- except Waterparks, Ghost Town, and The Cab

Thanks all!